16 June 2019

Ghost Archipelago: First Crew

First weekend of August I'm finally gonna get my first game of Ghost Archipelago, after playing a lot of games in the Frozen City.

My jungle is all done and now I have adventures to go into it, searching for glory and treasures.

Full Warband
Heritor, Beast Warden, specialists and regular crew ready for adventures. I've been using models from Avatars of War, Northstar, Reaper Miniatures, Games Workshop and some unknown barbarian model.

One thing that was important for me when doing these guys, was to have different races on board - like any good pirate movie. So I've been using 5 different skin tones on the warband.

And for the complete Lego pirate experience, I've made sure to paint stripes on pants, scarfs and vests. Adds a lot of detail for free.

The leader of the warband, the descendant of one who found the Crystal Pool. This is my conquistador inspired heritor - Hector Fernandez Rodrigo Gonzales III.

I don't think it's a good idea to bring a hero in a full plate armor into a watery jungle - but I'm going for rule of cool. This model is from Avatars of War.

Beast Warden
This is an old Games Workshop wood elf model, I've cut off his ears. The model has lots of feathers and a bird skull on the staff, so I made him a beast warden. His name is Bright Feather.

Savage - specialist
I can't remember where I have this model from and I don't know who made him, but he's a beast! He stands taller than any other model in the warband, so perfect for a Savage. 

Infantryman - specialist
This is an old Games Workshop Empire soldier. I added a halberd (instead of the spear) and secured it with string and superglue. Also gave him some feathers and accessories in the belt. He's wearing the same colors as the Heritor and served under him in the army - before they went adventuring. 

Bowmen - specialists
These models are pure Northstar plastics from the crew kit - an excellent multi part plastic kit. As with any bow wielding models, I've made sure to add bowstrings to them.

Captain - Crewman
I really wanted to use this cool pirate model from Reaper Miniatures. So I decided that he would be the captain off the ship, and my Heritor have only bought passage. He'll be counting as a regular crewman in the game - unless I can upgrade him to a specialist later on (one that takes a place of a crewman). 

The rest of my crewmen are also made from the Northstar box of soldiers. I'm especially happy with the corsair on the left, such a cool model. I still have 5 crewmen on a sprue, don't know what I'll use them for - but they are definitely good to have.

10 June 2019

This Is Not A Test: Peacekeepers vs. Slavers

This is a write up of my first This Is Not A Test game - played a few months ago. Have the second one coming up, which is nice.

I made the below in around in a weeks time of hobby work. The stuff is quickly build and painted. And there's step-by-steps for most of it here.

As this was the first time playing for me and my opponent, we did a simple scenario. Scattered some supply tokens on the board and let them be worth 10 bs if secured. There was no wandering monsters or dangerous terrain, as I haven't done any of those for the game yet.

Keep it simple when playing a game for the first time.

My warband in the first game, is my team of peace keepers. Out in the wild on regular patrolling, keeping it safer for everyone. Full blog on these guys here.

Fighting against the law was a band of slavers - out there looking for fresh meat. Brutal guys, earning cash in a brutal way. Also made with the peace keeper rules. Full blog here.

We played on a 3'x4' setup with two giant bombed buildings in the middle. Putting lots of wasteland terrain on the board. Lots of good places to hide and get out of enemies line of fire.

We set up our warbands on the far ends of the tables.

Action shots
Slavers ready to enter the bombed city in search for potential slaves.

A sacrificial lamb, a slave with bomb collar, is send ahead of the team. No need to take care of those.

A peacekeeper sacrificial lamb, sneaking into the city block.

The main road through the board would be where the two warbands clash.

A slave attacking the leader of the peace keepers. After the leader took a wound, the brutal slave master blew the bomb collar, hoping to take out the peace keeper. Fortunately he survived the blast.

Entering main street, ready to fight the big guy line breaker from the slaver team.

The slaver with the shotgun must be one of my favorite posed models. And it's bad for that sacrificial lamb to be that close to a shotgun blast.

The peace keeper outrider took up a sniper position from the star of the game. He couldn't really hit a thing, but he forced the slavers to stay in cover.

Trying to protect the wounded leader, going for an escape through the ruin. The shotgun wielding officer is On Hold! to blast the slaver line breaker if he enters the building.

Really liking the bottle cap counters. They're on the large side of counters, but they look cool and fit the Fallout theme.

The game ended with no clear winner. The slavers drew some great wasteland exploration cards and got a lot of cash. The line breaker lost his life in the game, but there was plenty of cash to re-buy him with the same gear. A single officer also got XP for a new level, adding a bit of value to the warband. 

The peace keepers drew a lot of wasteland encounters, but they managed to fail all the rolls - and ended with very little loot after the game. ... that wasn't cool. So they are at the exact same level as before the game.

7 June 2019

Tutorial: Wasteland sprinkle

For a long time I've been using leaf scatter on my boards when playing games. I add them to most terrain pieces (though I'm out until autumn). It binds everything together really well.

So I had this idea to make a box of themed sprinkle for the various games that I play. And since the next game coming up is some Post Apocalyptic This Is Not A Test - that's what I mixed first. 

I've taken some stuff and made a mix: 
  • Dead static grass from Green Stuff World (there's unbelievably much in a pot).
  • Small pieces of ripped up cork (Ikea table protectors)
  • Small square cork (painted grey) as bricks
  • Dry dirt
  • Sand
  • Small aquarium stones
Will add birch tree seeds when I can harvest some this autumn. 

Just mixed everything in a box, gave it a shake while spraying a bit of grey and brown paint in. 

I always use felt mats for gaming (mostly made by myself) and it's quite easy to shake the sprinkle back into the box again. 

And from the first test - it really works well! Such a simple idea - should have had it ages ago.

Check out my wasteland terrain builds here.

Without any wasteland sprinkle.

With some wasteland scatter. Really adds a lot to the ruined building, in terms of blending in with the mat.

4 June 2019

Terrain: Hills

When playing the frozen version of Frostgrave, it wasn't a problem getting height on the table - as it came directly from the buildings. Now playing Ghost Archipelago I had to make some hills, to get some height on the board.

Not really needing it for line of sight blocking - the jungle takes care of that. But the board simply looks better with mixed heights on the terrain. So I found some old warhammer hills - not having seen any action in years. Dusted them off and added some jungle sprinkle flock mix to them.

There's some words on making them at the end of the blogpost, first the pictures.

Guardian statues showing the way to a skull totem in the cliff side.

The old hills were made with room for classic warhammer regiment sizes, so there's plenty of room for some of the jungle pieces.

The lush green areas were brown dirt earlier, covered those places with new flock.

Work in progress
The hills are cut from an old foam mattress. I've glued the foam pieces to mdf board scavenged from strawberry boxes. Lots of glue and a heavy weight on top. 

The cliffs are made from cutting thick lines in the foam. I've then painted the entire thing with a thick layer of bathroom tile cement. It hardens well on the hills and is easy to work with.

The skulls are polystyrene Halloween decorations.  

30 May 2019

This Is Not A Test: Mutant Cannibals

Build another post apocalyptic warband. Lots of kitbashing and a bit of green stuff work done on them. You can see the wip post and bit list here.

I build this team with the This Is Not A Test - Mutant Cannibals in mind. Making a 400 BS starting warband. But these guys could also be used as scavvies in Necromunda og Ash Waste mutants.

Originally I started this warband as enemies for an inquisitor group in Inq28.

Complete Warband
The entire family of mutated freaks. Having out in a scrap yard.

Maw-maw is a leader for the warband. Armed with a meat hook rifle and an oxygen tank. This old lady is not too fit, and walking the wasteland on scavenging missions is hard. This is a modded reaper bones model.

Next to her is her First Born. The oldest and most intelligent of her children. The model is a ramshackle model, with mantic ghoul face and green stuff hood.

Normal, not too mutated son of the family. These youngins are smart enough to operate simple firearms and weapons. On scavenging and raiding missions, these guys are the ambushers. I had sand people from Star Wars in mind when buildings these guys.

I gave them cheap and simple weapons, because it fit the theme of the warband.

This is GW Plague Monk skaven, with mantic ghoul heads and green stuff hoods.

When a wasteland family have a lot of children - some will turn out as feral degenerates. The savage mutants are kept caged and chained in the family hide out. They can't speak, the can't really follow a plan. They are taking on raids and released on the enemy - engaging in cannibalistic eating right away, when taking down prey.

Tiny and critter
Tiny is the largest member of the family, extremely dumb and very strong. Only added a small bag to this model, the rest is original from Ramshackle Games. The critter is the family wardog an unconverted Games Workshop chaos war hound.

Character card photos
Made my own xl character cards for TNT. This is the mug shots for those cards.