1 March 2021

Unboxing: Endure The Stars 1.5 - some kickstarter stuff

 A big part of my hobby stuff comes from cheap and lucky auctions. Either kickstarter boardgames or huge lots of used models. I've become quite good at figuring out, the rough price of reselling stuff. 

I got a super cheap deal on an Endure The Stars kickstarter pledge - like super cheap. I know nothing about the game and have zero interest in playing it. 

But it does come with a bunch of miniatures useable for both scifi, cyberpunk and horror gaming. 

Lots of duplicate models here for reselling. After resell auctions, I managed to break even on the investment. Only sold a few of the miniatures, but the boards and tokens went for a good price. So! Free models! Yeah. Love it when a plan like that comes together. 

And there's still plenty of models left to resell or give away. Gonna give away a box of miniatures for the Discord birthday in 21st March. 

Full unboxing video is below, looking a quality of the models, details comparing scale on so on. 

22 February 2021

The Walking Dead: Two small games

I recently started playing The Walking Dead again and had a friend over who hasn't tried the game. So I build a few quick board. I really do love the small 2' boards for TWD, it's super easy to tell a small story with a few pieces of terrain. Took some small video and photos of the setups, didn't really do any AAR notes though. 

Gas station
Here's a small gas station setup, using one of my Deep Cut mats. Using the TTCombat gas station and some toy cars. 

A quick little suburbia americana setup. Used one of my TTCombat houses, some picket fence for a garden and a school bus - it doesn't really get more zombie apocalypse than this. 

1 February 2021

Frostgrave: Vapor Snakes/Mana Worms and Ballista II golems

 Having started to play through Perilous Dark in solo mode, I need some new monsters for the Frostgrave bestiary. 

I've played through the first scenario: Writhing Fumes. This blog is about the monsters I made for that one. 

Ballista II golems

I've already build a medium golem on the base of old Chaos Warriors. I decided to use some more for the Ballista II golems to have a similar design. I chopped off some of the big chaos symbols and skulls, to clean them up a bit. I then added those big old dwarf crossbows.

To give them a construct look, I've added lots of small clock gears and cogs. And chopped up a space marine backpack to make exhausts on the models back. 

For painting these guys I gave them a brown base coat. Then I went over them with a metal drybrush for some chipping in the rust. Then added just a few extra colors here and there. The smoke from the exhaust pipes are made from teddy bear stuffing. 

Vapor Snakes
My vapor snakes are bought from CP Models. Cheap little tentacle monsters. I've been looking for an excuse to buy some models from CP, so this was that excuse. The models themselves are 'just' sculpted with the Green Stuff World roller tool, but they look fine. 

I painted mine blue for a magical monster look. I base coated with two different kinds of blue, so they are lighter on the downside. Then washed them with blue wash. 

Added some fumes or fog with teddy bear stuffing. These monsters are gonna double duty as mana worms for the later scenario.

25 January 2021

Oathmark: Goblin Archers and Wolf Rider Scouts

Orc or goblin archers 

First little regiment of archers have been added to my army. Goblin archers are really terrible, so as long as it's only a 10 man unit I think it'll be orcs. As with all regiments in this army it's a mix of whatever various models I had around and have bought for cheap. So mostly LotR and North Star models for this one here.

I'm unsure of the best size for archer regiments. I've build 30 archer models, for 3 regiements of 10 or 2 regiments of 15. 

As with all the monoposers I've made sure to mix up the colors. Different skin tones, hair colors. Using grey, brown and red in different locations. 

Anoterh example of trying to add variation through color. Also made sure to use different tufts on the bases. 

A couple of North Star goblins as well. 

For the banner I've gone with the regular theme. Skull, orange and symbols. I've added mountains as it's a theme throughout the army. Because this is an archer regiment, I've paid a small bow and arrows on the banner. 

Wolf rider scouts
I really like the wolf rider models. Only iffy thing about them is the design of the wolves. The wolfs are two sides and don't mix. Three wolf models on each sprues. I would have liked a design, that hide the seam better. Especially the one on the head. 

Unlike most regiments in the army, this is pure North Star miniatures. But I've upgraded with some 'better' bits from the box. Quivers from other miniature lines have much more detail. The banner is from the old Empire GW flagellants kit. Perfect for cavalry, as the scout can still fire his bow. 

1000+ pts army
The first little real army of just over 1000 points. Lovely to have an army done, wanting it to grow even more over time. 

22 January 2021

Oathmark: Goblin warriors and troll

 New units for my slowly growing Oathmark orc and goblin army. This is one of the units I decided to make for getting to a 1000 pts playable list. 

Orc warriors 

Plain, simple orc warriors with hand weapons and shields. This is the first 10 models done for the unit, I have another 10 models lined up for painting. As with all the regiments in this army, it's a nice mix of miniatures from all other the place. 

As with the other units I've switched between different brown, grey and reds - for a varied look. I've picked out as different shields as possible, for variation in the look as well. 

A metal LotR hero and a plastic orc. I've added a shield to the hero model. 

The unit officer (the standardbearter) and another orc. The banner is from A games workshop skaven banner. I've gone for a Tower of Sauron look on this. Huge tower with a burning eye. The other orc has a beastmen shield, I like those more than the northstar ones. 

Here's an example of getting different looks at the same monopose models. There's a lot of cheap LotR plastics in my army. So I've made sure to use different hair colors, shield designs, green skins tones, warpaint. The clothing colors red, brown and grey have been mixed as well. Also make sure that the tuft on the bases are different. 

I've spend no time converting, cutting of weapons or heads. This works well enough. 

Orcs, orcs - more orcs. Some of these are converted, as they came second hand with broken weapons. So I've added some from the North Star goblin kit.

A better look of the the Tower of Sauron banner design for this unit. Using these symbols across units and always adding orange to the banners. 

Cave Troll

You need trolls in a evil overlord army. I've taken a troll from my Dungeon Saga: Warlord of Galahir expansion. I have two of these, so I'm gonna do a bit of conversion work on the second one. 

He's rather big and I like the model. But I need to find a good third troll for the unit. But in the 1000 pts army, this monster is running solo. 

1000+ points
Here's a photo of the first army. 1000 pts and just a bit over that. I didn't think I would ever make a mass battle army again, but I'm really happy with the look of the project. The army looks good and It'll be fun to expand it even further with even more models. 

And a quick attempt at shooting a small video of the army. 

18 January 2021

TNT: Slaver and Peace Keeper Reinforcements pt 2

 One of the joys of campaign skirmish gaming is getting new models into the team. I rarely reuse models that have died in a game as well. It's such a good reason to paint up new models for warbands, when models die in game. 

These models are made for two different TNT warbands. First is some heavy support for The Khans - slaver gang

This is an up-armed soldier using the peace keeper list. She's armed with an smg and a rocket launcher. The model is all Warlord Games bits from the zombie line of survivors and bikers. 

Second new model is for my peace keeper warband 'Common Order'. This team has had a rought start, lots of wounds, banged-up characters and few caps found for new troopers. This old veteran is a regular Officer. He's made from the Terminator resistance soldiers with extra bits from Warlord Games modern soliders and zombie survivors. The head is from a WW2 Russian soldier. 

15 January 2021

Terrain: Armory

 After finishing some of my dungeon tiles, I had to get ready for some Rangers of Shadow Deep. For that I needed an armory. And Perilous Dark from Frostgrave takes part in a weapons factory.

I you want to check out all the dungeon build videos and articles, jump over to the dungeon hub

The armory

Again jumping into the box of fantasy terrain crate, heroquest and dungeon saga. 

The terrain crate weapons racks are really annoying bits. They are all warped all over the place. And even using hot water and adding bases to them, the pole arms are all over the place. I much prefer the old HeroQuest weapon rack. 

But there is three weapon racks from the kickstarter, that's a nice amount. I've made sure to paint of the shields in different colors, to add some difference to them. There's also a weapon cache, I think that one is from Kow: Vanguard. 

For the armory I've also painted up a barrel of explosives and a grinding stone. Looking forward to doing some black smith stuff. I have a furnace and such around somewhere. 

The pile of armor and weapons are from the treasure room terrain crate. The other piles are made from different pieces from the collection. The crates and barrels are from renedra, hobby stores and some resin pieces I don't know where I got from. I've just added weapon bits from the bit box to make them into armory bits.