Guilders - A Life In Shadows


Guilders – A Life In Shadows is a tabletop roleplaying miniatures game, about thief guilds played with 28mm-32mm scale miniatures. You play as the Master of a Guild made from all manner of thieves, thugs, scallywags, and troublemakers. The goal of your guild is to rise in power, fame and wealth – make your name and rival the old and powerful guilds.

After playing a lot of skirmish games (this blog is pretty much only that) - They were all missing something. I wanted a classic fantasy board (not warzones, frozen stuff), but had no games for it. I wanted a huge Neverwinter or Baldurs Gate city - had no games for it. I wanted a higher focus on RPG elements and story between the games. So I'm writing a Guilders. 

This page will contain everything. Terrain projects, miniatures, articles etc. But first a few links. 

The current rules, tokens: Google Drive

Facebook group:
For anything about the game.

Discord: The Bloodbeard's Garage Discord, lots of room for Guilders. 

Hashtags: #Guilders #ALifeInShadows 

Other Miniatures 
I've made a lot of terrain for Guilders. Go to this page for all the projects gathered in one place. 

There's a bunch of Guilders stuff posted on Youtube. 

Battle Reports:
A Hanged Man's Friend - rescueing a captured guild member 
Pious Pickpockets - first campaign test game. 
Hanged Man's Friend - trying to rescue an acrobat from the gallows.
Red Cobblestone - An attacker / defender heist. 

Solo Campaign:
  1. A Regular Days Work - Solo Play / Youtube / Let's Play
  2. Pick Your Poison.
  3. Pick Your Poison

Development blogs:
1.33 beta upload, town watch miniatures

Concept blogs: 
Describing different key concepts in the game. Quick overviews of the concepts.