Reality's Edge / Hardwired

I'm a huge for of the cyberpunk genre and Reality's Edge by Osprey is a great sandbox. Based on the system in This Is Not A Test - that I've played a lot.

Reality's Edge: Sergeant Cliff - an enforcer with a ragtag crew.
Hardwired: Strike Team Alfa

NPCs, hostiles and bystanders
  • A few street mechants.
  • Sprawl bystanders and crowds.
  • VIPs - a nasty doctor and a suit / warden
  • Security troops
    • Stage 1 and 2: H-sec d6 and d8, rent-a-cops, police and SWAT. Here.
    • Stage 2: H-sec d8, more troopers primarily from Star Saga.
    • Stage 3: Black ops troops. Robot and drones. d10 enemies for Hardwired.
  • Dogs, rats and flies. Used in Reality's Edge.

  • White and Black ICE and two Iduro Apps. Here.


Games and AARs
Collection of written action reports, photos and videos from different game.

I'll collect all the terrain post on a separate site - check out the Cyberpunk Terrain Hub.

How to play
A short video going over the mechanics and rules for games. 

I've written a quick review of the book - you can read it here.

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