18 November 2018

Roman RISK: Greenstuff Models

I've had an idea to make some cool boardgame tokens besides the 1:72 romans.

My good friend Mathias Rizell from Admiralty Miniatures (Facebook or Etsy) have helped sculpting two ships for the game. A big 6cm one and a smaller 3cm one. Absolutely stellar work. 

Curtis Fell from Ramshackle Games will help and see if the models can get cast in resin and in bulk numbers.

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The idea for the testudo model is to count as 5+ armies. Will add a small plastic piece to the base, and you can white board marker write the number of infantry it represents. Students have a tendency to mass giant armies on a few key territories. 

The model is single piece, sculpted in green stuff. It's made to fit the size of 1:72 models. I'm not a great sculptor, but the result is decent. Some heavy wash and flock to hide the feet will make it pop alright. 

A quick spray in team color, then pick out the shield center in metal.


Onager (catapult)
A powerfil d10 / d6 unit in the game. It's expensive, but good if you bring a Legatus as well. The onager is made to fit scale 1:72. It's made by matches and greenstuff. The front is made solid with putty filling, so it's possible to make a one piece cast of it. 

The temple is a territory upgrade. Building a temple on a territory will make it worth 1 more point. Temples cost 10 denarii to build and invading armies have the choice of keeping them - or pillage/destroy them for a 5 denarii return.

The base is made from plastic card, the center is a toy plastic block, the pillars are BBQ sticks and the roof is bend plasticcard. 

The fort is a territory upgrade. It'll let regular legionnaire infantry defende with a d8 (over a d6) on that territory. There's plenty of territories on the map, where building a fort can defend massive land areas. 

Made from green stuff and toothpicks. This might be a challenge to cast, so maybe the walls and towers will have to be cut down short. The proportions would also be better if this was done. But that will be up to Ramshackle Games. 

Mathias is a green stuff wizard! It's absolutely amazing the amount of details he's able to make on something that small. I'm so grateful for his help and time - absolutely priceless.

The small one is a Liburnian Ship (patrol ship). The large is a Quinquireme.

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