18 November 2023

Shadow Dragon - Onyx

 On the Discord we have quarterly hobby challenges. These are good fun hobby projects and a friednly competition. Themes are decided by members and so is the voting on entries. For this challenge we went for miniatures that are big compared to their scale. 

I've painted up a Dungeons and Lasers dragon - fairly big for the 28mm scale. 

This dragon miniature is painted like Onyx, the main character in a LitRPG book series by Lars Machmüller. I really enjoy the audiobooks, so I painted this up as a surprise gift for him. I also send along a ghost, that's a secondary character in the series. 

It's all painted with speed paints. 

Lars has been kind enough to read through Guilders a couple of times, picking up a ton of different errors in the manuscript. Check him out on Audible


  1. That looks really cool. The painting works very well. I was given the Alien equivalent and now I really ought to paint it!

    1. They've made so many cool dragons for sure! I wasn't aware of their kickstarters back them. But I do have a couple of dragons of theirs still. Bought this one from a friend.