7 July 2017

365 Paint Challenge - halfway report

Set myself a '365 models in a year' here in 2017.  After June, here's my project report. Counting terrain pieces, 3d counters, scatter terrain as models as well.

January (31): 25 TWD Survivors, 5 TWD cars, 4 barricades, 1 badge = 35 (+4)

February (28): 2 TWD barricades, 1 dumbster, 2 mailboxes, 11 loot counters, 6 tents, 1 campfire, 1 tank, 21 deadzone rebs = 45 (+17)

March (31): 31 deadzone plague, 1 RV, 1 Shipping Container, 17 trees = 50 (+19)

April (30): 20 DZ marauders, 1 Chaos dwarf, 1 mercenary ogre, 1 elevator tower, 12 palettes with cargo = 35 (+5)

May (31): 30 DZ asterians, 1 elf, 1 emisarry, 1 fuel depot = 33 (+2)

June (30): 20 TWD, 1 Chaos dwarf, 6 DZ enforcers, 5 Forge Fathers, 5 Ghouls = 37 (+7)

In all: 235 (based infantry models 167)

1 July 2017

Admiralty Miniatures: Scribe and Ghouls

Painted up another of Mathias Rizells awesome models from Admiralty Miniatures. This model is the scribe from the War Booty set. There's always a lot of small hidden details in the models Mathias makes, but the hat on this one is crazy.

I wasn't until I started painting the models, I've seen all the small stuff on the hat. Lightning bolts, bulls, tormented face - amazing.

Didn't have anything special planned for this guy. But I'm gonna use him as both an Apprentice or Apothecary in Frostgrave. And figured while painting it's also gonna make an excellent Trainer for a bloodbowl team.

Chaos Dwarf Warband - Frostgrave
First three models done for my Frostgrace Chaos Dwarf Warband.

Ghouls and Ghoul King
The ghoul king is a character in Frostgrave Thaw of the Lich Lord. I've used a cheap Reaper Bones model for this one. Then got 4 Mantic ghouls for free by a very nice chap on Facebook. Enough for the King and his rutine.

Painted with necrotic flesh by army painter and then washed with a watered down light elf skin colour.

The skin is much better in real life, it was insanely difficult to get a good photo of the skin tone.