17 January 2019

Roman RISK: Praetorian Guard

Finished up painted 36 praetorian guard NPC enemies for the Roman RISK. Most of the models are from Italeri and 4 are from Airfix. The kit is really not that interesting compared to HaT miniature models.

There's 6 models - command style models on the sprues who's individual. The reaming 39 models are all just two different poses. HaT are both cheaper pr box and with a few more models in each box.

Had a few shields extra (as I used the banner bearers for blue team) and added those to some Airfix model I had.

In the game the praetorians will start the game on the two point territories and Rome itself. Making sure this are harder for the teams to catch. Compared to a legionnaire (d6/d6) the praetorians are attack d8 defence d8.

I'll be putting 5 on Rome and 2 on the other territories - if I have enough. Can't really remember how many of the territories I added to the map.

 I went with purple as it's the royal color, so would go well with the praetorian guard. And it's an active choice that no team color is purple - that would just be favoring them.

Historically the Praetorians haven't grown into the political power house of 'make and break emperors' at the time of Caesar - that comes a lot later. But serve the purpose well in the game.

As all game models these are painted with supplies sponsored by King Games and The Army Painter.

6 January 2019

TTCombat: Rooftop Accessories

The cheap little 3-piece kit from TT Combat is a great way to enhance your modern table. I've been thinking about getting it for a while and then going 'nah, unnecessary'. But as most of the city block has the same height, it really adds a lot to the overall visual effect.

So this little kit is definitely worth a few bucks, if nothing else for the better photos it'll provide.

The small fire escape building can also be used on it's own, just reverse the door. And the water tower is good on the ground of any industrial area you might make.

Quick paintjob of base coating with cheap sprays, pick out a few details and drown in quick shade.

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Printed out a stock photo I found on google. Easy little detail to add on the water tower.

A neat little detail is the 'vision electronics' logo being used both on the air vent and the containers - that came with the cargo ship.

3 January 2019

Roman RISK: Red and yellow legions - half of them

Week 6 is fast approaching and I've been slow (and hit by real life) in painting the different teams. So I've switched to painting around half the troops I have for each team. Make sure that each team have at least enough troops to get going. And the I can frantically paint during the week of play as well.

24 HaT miniatures legionaries
10 HaT Miniatures cataphracts 
2 Legatus

Make sure to check out all the other posts on Roman RISK.

Paint and tools have been kindly donated by King Games and The Army Painter.

30 December 2018

TTCombat: Freighter Ship

I've been eyeing the TT Combat cargo ship for a long time. Not really had a reason or plan for it. But after starting to play Last Days: Zombie Apocalypse, I decided to get it.

This is a huge kit, 75 cm long and perfect for a lot of scenarios. And cargo ships really fit into a lot of settings - you can even drop one into a post apocalyptic wasteland.

The MSV Ironsides kit set is excellent value (as is most TTCombat stuff really) as you also get 6 shipping containers and a nuclear weapon container (that I haven't build yet).

The bridge and cabin at the end, needs a bit of work when assembling. Keeping your head cool, you can make sure the entire top floor and house is glued together. It's not designed to be glued like this, but makes for easier taking apart during games.

As always I did most painting before assembling the kit. I did an image search for 'rusty cargo ship' both for color scheme and weathering.

On a few MDF pieces I had to use some masking tape, when priming, to secure sharp lines.

As always the entire piece have been drowned in a thick layer of quick shade varnish. It always get less visible in photos, but gives it all a grimy look.

A 3'x4' setup of an industrial harbor. Using some homemade felt mats, distribution center, shipping container and wire mesh fences. Lots of homemade stuff on this setup.

As a tribute to my good friend Mathias 'Admiral' Rizell the ship is named after him. MSV is maritime short for 'Multipurpose Supply Vessel'. It's a simple paper print that I've glued on.

With the six shipping container that comes with the ship. I'm looking forward to playing a game with this ship as a survivor base, with tents, barricades etc.

Some US Army infantrymen moving to clear the ship of zombies. Made from Mantic Mars Attacks models.

The entire is removable, it's 4Ground store accessories. Perfect height, fitting into the rooms of the ship.

The dock is made from a blue piece of felt and marked with my homemade jersey barriers

Soldiers about to make a forced entry into the ship. 

Did a quick search for various details for the walls and floor. Pictures inserted into Word and printed out in small scale. been searching for 'shipping manifest', 'shipping posters', 'clock', 'inventory manifest'. It really adds a lot to the grey walls.

"Aim for the head and not the chest!"

"... Headshots are the very best..."

"Shut the fuck up Carl!"

The bridge has some cool interior mdf details. I added a few sea charts as well, to the walls and the floor.

The 6 containers that come with the ship. I really like these. the doors open for interior play as well. And the references to other franchises are nice. Fallout and Batman references - what's not to like. Also the 'Vision Electronics' logo is also on the roof top accessories air condition vent.

And the Alliance Shipping logo is visible two places on the ship itself.

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28 December 2018

Roman RISK: Catapult, fort, temple and lots of ships

Reinforcements have arrived from Ramshackle Games! The scale of the Roman RISK project is starting to show.

Unfortunately the stuff I sculpted myself have gotten lost in the mail - that sucks. But Curtis Fell (not all heroes wear capes) have sculpted up new models himself. Much better models that I did myself.

A big bunch of nice resin board game pieces have just gotten in - absolutely amazing stuff.  It's really hard to get a sense of how many models is enough for the game - but there sure seems to be a lot now.

The onager (a catapult) is a strogn attack weapon. Rolling a d10 on the attack, but only a d4 in defence. Expensive to build and requires some tactical sense to not be a waste of money. 

The Temple is a territory upgrade and will make that territory worth an additional point (though I might go for a 2 point increase). 

Forts are a territory upgrade and will allow the regular legionnaires to defend with a d8 (over normally a d6). Will not be painted in team colors.

Behold! The power of Rome! Ships sculpted by Mathias Rizell from Admiralty Miniatures

20 December 2018

Roman RISK: The blue team

Finally finished painting up the 1:72 models I've gotten for the blue team. I've gone for a super simple paintjob.

Base coat plate mail metal, pick out a bit of blue fabric, brown sheath and sandals, skin, dark tone wash. Painted the bases with PVA (colored green) and flocked.

Fairly quick to do - taking a lot longer than I had anticipated (and I've been too slow to get going).

This shows the complete amound of models I've sorted out for each team.

~55 infantry models - legionaries.
20 heavy cavalry - cataphracts.
2 legatus

Still to be added is some resin testudo formations by Ramshackle Games.

A big thank you to both King Games and Army Painter for donating painting supplies for the project.

Historically there weren't cataphracts in the roman army at the time of Caesars death. But these nice models were kindly donated by HaT miniatures. And since cataphracts are getting part of the roman army at around 200 bc, they'll do fine for this  project.

Legatus from a HaT miniatures Roman Command box and horses from HaT light parthian cavalry.

17 December 2018

Tutorial: New urban felt mat

I've already experimented a lot with felt mats. It's a great and really cheap way to get a lot of mats going. Having made multiple mats and smaller overlays, I can create lots of different setups. One of the pros of doing the mats myself, is everything can be made to fit together.

For the first urban mat go here and for flat felt terrain and grass mat - go here.

  • Felt (80% viscose, 20% wool)
  • Masking tape
  • Cheap spray paints
  • Magic Marker
Step 1: 
Mark out the roads with masking tape. The first time I wanted a city center. For this mat, I wanted less roads. I wanted it with room for a large industrial area, prison set up or harbor. 

I made sure one street would fit next to the other mat (allowing a 3'x6' or 3'x7' layout). Also made sure a road lead straight out the mat - for an easier going into a grass area. 

Step 2:
Paint it up! I used cheap spray cans from the hardware store. Grey on most of the board, black on the street. When dry I dusted some brown and black some places on the grey - for different nuances. Then gave parts of the street more black. 

Step 3:
Peel off the masking tape. Use a black magic marker (permanent marker) to draw on pavement on the lighter grey areas (covered before by tape). Also use the marker to add cracks in the asphalt here and there. 

Done - minimum work and another nearly free mat is all done and ready.

Easy, space saving storage with a pants hanger from Ikea.

Here's a few regular and double setups using the new mat. Check out blog posts on all the shown stuff on the terrain hub.

A regular city setup on the new mat. 

Another city setup, this being the edge pf town. Using a small piece of green felt, to make a lighter 'end of town'.

A 3'x3' harbor setup, covering part of the new mat with a 1'x3' blue felt piece. Made room for this when I marked out streets with masking tape.

A larger harbor mat using the blue felt next to the map - for a quick 3'x4' map.

The two different urban mats put together for a 3'x6' playing area.

Notice the park on one mat. A small green piece of felt, added when a park is needed. Easily taken of for a completely grey map. 

And a 3'6' end of town setup. Using felt roads on my green mat, fitting the width of the street on the new map. 

The whole bang! Urban mat, grass mat, flat terrain: river, dirt road and asphalt road. 

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