30 November 2017

40k: Deathshroud Terminators

My Death Guard army will mostly be build and converted from the Dark Imperium core box contents. As I've gotten quite a few sets, I have more Lords of Contagion than I'll ever need.

I really like the fluff and concept for the Deathshroud Terminators. And I wanted some to boost Mortarions ability to survive a round of shooting. So I've converted myself some. 

All three are converted from the same Lord of Contagion model.

Despite being a clunky model, it was fairly easy to repose. I've only had to fill gaps with greenstuff a few places. 

Hood are made from greenstuff and the helmets are from fantasy Chaos Warriors. The gauntlet pistols are made from Mantic Plague soldier laser rifles. 

The scythe blades are made from plastic card. I've used my hobby drill to make damage to the blade, like you'll see om all melee weapons in the Death Guard model range.

The Deathshroud Terminators are casting a smoke cover over themselves. So I've made some chimneys on their back from cut up lollipop sticks.

I've given two of the models a new front armorplate. The bits are from the Blight King models from Warhammer Fantasy. They fit fairly well, you some greentuff cover was needed with one model. The nice thing about Nurgle followers is, you can just make something tentacly.

I've managed to find a lot of cheap plastic 'half-pearls' on the internet. Comes in different sizes. The are perfect for boils on the fleshy parts of the models or as bubbles on the ooze on the bases.

The WIP shots of the work done on the models before priming them.

27 November 2017

40k: Mortarion - Demon Primarch of the Death Guard

A gigantic model and a lovely plastic kit. This model really shows how experienced and talented the sculptors at Games Workshop are. The bits fit together perfectly and the design is made so almost every moldline is hidden.

The only think I really dislike about the model is the original scythe. The bone details were too far out, didn't look good. Too cartoonish. So I've cut the detail off, cleaned with greenstuff. Drilled a symbol of Nurgle in the scythe, like I have on my Deathshroud. 

I've also kept all the nurglings off the base. I don't really like the comicbook look on the nurglings.

I decided early on to speed paint the model just like all my models. I basecoated the model in three different colours: green, brown and rotten flesh. Picked out the details in one layer of paint. Then gave the entire model a quickshade varnish from Army Painter. The only place I did extra work was on the wings, where I added some extra washes (for more nuances on the large wing areas). 

The plama gun 'The Lantern' I've painted with blue colours like all the plasma in the army. It makes the weapons stand out for easy identification on the battlefield.

Like all my bases I've added warped and rusted metal scrap. The slime bubbles are made from half pearls.

2 November 2017

Devil's Run: War Rig!

The War Rig is a bloody huge resin monster of a model. An absolutely brutal kit for Devil's Run. ... It doesn't really see much action - but that'll properly change in some upcoming campaign gaming.

Part of the standard equipment on a War Rig is a Whalers Harpoon. So I've build one from a Warhammer spear, hobby chain and a lollipop stick. I've also added some extra armor to some cab windows and a sniper rifle (also part of the War Rig gear). 

The big weapons on the tanker are not must haves on the War Rig, so I've magnetized the weapons. Makes it a lot easier to transport the model and the can be taken off if not used in games.

The tanker itself is a bit undetailed, so I've added some extra chains and armor plating. Mostly it has helped catching washes and weathering.

The VW bus back is such a great little detail. The smiley face is a reference to The Comedian in The Watchment. I try to sneak at least one blood spattered smiley into each gaming system I do - it's become a thing.