The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead miniatures game by Mantic Games is absolutely brilliant. Being a fan of both the comics and the TV series (though it has some very bad stretches), I had to jump on the Kickstarter.

The game plays quick and easy. It's really simply to come up with some scenarios to play on the go. And the quality of the packaging and contents are the highest I've seem from Mantic Games yet. 

Painted up and finished survivors. Lots of nice and characterful models. For all the Survivors I've gone over the comic books covers and applied the 'correct' colours where possible.

  • Go see the done Wave 1 Survivors here.
    • Includes Core Game, KS exclusives and the Days Gone By expansion
  • Ezekiel, Shiva, Clementine and Lee is here.  
  • Miles Behind Us (Greene Family Farm) here
  • Safety Behind Bars (Prison) here.
  • Converted Daryl Dixon (TV Show) here.
  • US Army infantry squad.

For all the Walkers I've gone with a 'Necrotic Flesh' basecoat from Army Painter. The Walker models are all very easy and quick to paint. Lovely models... and you'll own far more then you'll ever need.

  • My done Wave 1 Walkers are here.
    • Includes Core Game, Days Gone By and Roamer Booster
  • Homemade Lurkers and backpack walkers here.
  • Miles behind us Walkers here.
  • Safety Behind Bars here.

I really don't like playing with cardboard terrain. So I'm building 3d terrain for all the cardboard pieces in the game. Links to blogposts with WIP, tips, tricks and showcase photos.

For all my modern terrain go check out this terrain hub. It contains lots of good stuff. Farm, prison and city.
Solo Campaign
Photos and reports from me solo gaming the campaign.

Action photos
Photo posts from different game sessions.

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