I been sold to Frostgrave since my first game. A lovely sandbox style game. Every month I try to paint a few models for filling in pieces of the beastiary. Some model I'm giving snowy bases. Other only get regular stone basing, as I want to use them for other games as well. Both HeroQuest and Dungeon Saga collections are pulling weight in Frostgrave as well.

A linkbase to browse the individual blog posts, all with multible photos.

Witch and Apprentice
A witch who first run through Thaw of the Lich Lord.

Dwarf Enchanter Warband

Chaos Dwarf Warband
Making a Chaos Dwarf warband to use in Frostgrave. So far I've done a

Frostgrave Core Beastiary 
It's a bit of a dream to paint up a complete Frostgrave Beastiary - for fun mostly.

  • Imps, Familiars, Minor Demons, Major Demon
  • Wild dogs, Snow Leopard, Bear, Spiders, Giant Rats, Ice Toads, Blood Crow, Boars, Wolves, White Gorillas

Thaw of the Lich Lord

Terrain / tutorials
I've made enough terrain for Frostgrave to cover a 3'x4' board, with a few extra options to switch between. All the terrain and the tutorials for my scratch build stuff, can be seen on the Frostgrave Terrain Hub.

Spell List
I've compiled all the spells of Frostgrave into a single document. Allows to find one completely random spell everytime you find any grimoire. Download it here.

Showcase posts
Posts containing battle report photos and actions shots. See some of all the above in action with filters and so on. 

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