I absolutely love Warpath Universe by Mantic Games. I first learned about it during Deadzones first edition. A friend brought it over and we had two games in a day. This was my first encounter with anything Mantic and I was really impressed. Lovely miniatures, super cool terrain. Since then I've gone in pretty heavy on both the Deadzone: Infestation, Warpath and Star Saga kickstarters.

The thing I really love about the universe, is that it gives room for both light hearted sci-fi and the darker site. I love the old 40k setting (especially Necromunda) , but nowadays it's all so dark and evil. The Warpath Universe leaves room for everything I want, both my beloved Firefly and Mass Effect settings can fit right in!

I don't believe I'm ever going to get into Warpath og Warpath: Firefight, as skirmish size games are much more for me. Deadzone 2nd edition is quick, fast and bloody. And you can get buy with some small strike teams, perfect when you want to paint different stuff!

Industrial Terrain Hub.

Strike teams

Being a bit of a completionist, I've been working towards a 'one of each' collection for each team in Deadzone.

Mazon Labs
Evil corporation doing research on the plague virus. Painted teams here.

Scavenging space rats. Completed collection here.

The army of the large human cooperation. Complete page here.

Forge Fathers
Dwarfs in space. Has a lot of old school Squat vibe going on for them - that's nice. My complete strike team is here.

The elite super human soldiers of the Council of Seven - the power centre of the GCPS. Whenever a planet is declared a Deadzone, the Enforcers move in an clean up. My strike team is here.

Space Elves. Smarter, better, more advanced than all the other races in the universe. Not too big a fan of them, but they do look good all painted up. Complete strike team can be seen here.

Orcs trained in the art of modern warfare. The are really smart when it comes to combat, living as mercenaries working for the highest bidder. These models have a very nice modern soldier to them, that I really like. My complete Strike Force can be seen here. 
A weaponized virus, turning the victims into killing machines. The plague is working towards some unknown (both in the setting and for the players) goal, that involves killing all the other people in the universe. My complete collection can be seen here.

The Rebs is a broad term for any small gangs, terrorist cells, freedom fighters etc. taking up arms against the large human controlled GCPS. I love these miniatures, a good mix of many different aliens. My complete collection of Rebs, individual shots, conversions etc. can be seen here.


Not a strike team in their own right. But these are some cool models, fighting for some or all Strike Teams. I've managed to collect most of the mercs, the painted ones are shown here.

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