23 September 2017

17 September 2017

Walking Dead: Safety behind Bars

Finished up the second expansion of Kickstarter wave 2, of The Walking Dead. Safety Behind Bars is the part of the story line where the survivors live in the Prison.

Insane Morgan and Walker Duane
I've been painting both miniatures in the same colours as I used on their earlier version. The first models were primed black and these were primed brown. ... The difference in colours is huge. It's especially noticeable on Morgans skin.

The first version was in a box, so I didn't notice the different it made until after painting him.
Axel, Thomas, Andrew and Dexter
The four inmates from the Prison. Living there when the heroes arrive.
Andrea - Prison Sniper
Shown here next to her first version from wave 1. I decided to use the same colours for the cloths on all models like this. It'll give a nice feel when running campaigns, where survivors might get new gear.
Rick - Prison Advisor
The Riot Gear versions of the heroes are awesome. And I'm looking forward to getting both Maggie and Glenn in riot gear as well. They look so cool.
Eugene and Harold
These guys are a bit weirdly placed in this expansion. These guys are pit fighters from Woodbury, so they would really have been better fitting in that expansion. A nice couple of thug models though.
Prison Walkers
Painted up the two walkers from the expansion. They are shown here along side two walker from the farm expansion, that I painted up as prisoners. I really want a totalt of 6 prison walkers, so hopefully in a future expansion, they'll the fitting models.
Pet Walkers
Michonnes two walker family members. I've bough two mdf bases for these guys. So that they'll be easier to move around together. When I get those painted up, I'll make some chain pieces for the models.
Prison Guard Walkers
These models are awesome, and a lot harder to kill. There's only two of these guys in the expansion (and another in a retail booster). But I wanted a lot, as you place these on the map if a survivor with riot gear dies. I've made copies of the two models, with a home made press mold and greenstuff.

I've drilled and inserted paper clips in arms and legs, to give them strength. Then I've hot water bend the original models for more poses.

Notice that their legs and arms (and one is simply missing) are posed differently.

15 September 2017

Chaos Dwarfs for the Frozen City

I try to do a bit of fantasy miniatures every month. This month I've done another model by Admiralty Miniatures and one from Lost Kingdom Miniatures.

The Priestess is from Admiral. I think she'll be joining the Warband as an apothecary. The other guy will be a Crossbowman.

I only have the one model from Lost Kingdom - but it is insanely nice. A very cool model and super crisp details. I might get some more one day, definately worth it.

The entire warband as it is now. Need to get cooking on some slave orcs and hobgoblins.

14 September 2017

Blood Bowl: Morg 'n' Thorg

This is the best Blood Bowl miniature ever done by Games Workshop. It's such a well posed and sculpted model. I decided to paint my Morg 'n' Thorg in the same colours as my Human Team.

It's really a shame that Morg is such an expensive Star Player, as he'll almost certainly never see any action. But I'm glad to have him in my collection.

11 September 2017

Death Guard: Floetid Bloat Drones and Noxious Blightbringer

Floetid Bloat Drones
These Floetid Bloat Drones not converted. But I've tried to make them apart by using different colours tones for the skin, and different yellows for cannisters and boils. I've also done all metal by wetblending all manners of metal paints.

It does a nice job of making the two drones look different from the other.


Noxious Blightbringer
This model is not converted. The only thing I've done to it, is removing three of the Plague Censors from his back. I think the model was too cluttered from the start. I'm gonna re-use the plague censors as flails for an infantry squad.

Hard to capture in the photos, but the cloth has a checkered pattern along the rim. Has a nice Nurgle Symbol on the front as well.

Nurgle Army
See the entre Death Guard Nurgle army in here.