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The hub for links to general thoughts about the miniature hobby, communities and so on. Everything that doesn't fall under the category of a gaming system and doesn't contain miniatures.

Online Communities
My youngest son was born in 2014, a couple years earlier I had moved from the city (and the network there) to a small town with my wife. But it was during my paternity leave (I took 10 months off work), that I really started to appriciate the online hobby communities.

I joined Choas Dwarfs Online (external link), where I made my first blog. My son had baby colic for 6 months, so we barely sleeped and spend hours walking the stroller in the night. So in this period I really got involved, and found the strength in online communities. Getting friends (that I'll propery never meet in person) all over the world, always having someone to talk to about hobby.

So this page will contain links, descriptions and thoughts about some of the communities out there. My forum avatar will almost always be 'Bloodbeard'.

First up I've written a bit about the facebook community Pledge, Paint or Pay! (internal link).

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