Devil's Run: Route 666

Devil's Run is a wonderful game played with 20mm vehicles. The official resin models by Wordforge Games are the same size as hotwheel and matchbox cars, so it's really cheap to build your own.

I've supported both the first Devil's Run: Route 666 and Devil's Run: Hells Highway kickstarter. The game uses a rolling board mechanic that adds a nice sense of driving forward. It's Mad Max the boardgame and it's brilliant.

And I've buiild a bunch of vehicles from salvaged toy cars. There's some excellent conversion parts out there for that. Ramshackle Games make some very cheap resin bits (thought they are very brittle). Dice Mechanics make some very high quality resin pieces, super crisp details.
A gang of murderers, cannibals, killers, maniacs and so on. Real 80's movies villians. I've made a page for all my stuff here.

The Laws Haulage Company
A satirical reference to the 80's Cop shows. This gang runs a law enforcement theme in the apocalypse - despite not being any kind of law at all. It's just a gang like any other. My collected gang can be seen here.

Haul's Angels
Classic heavy metal, leather and denim, biker gang - with added cars. Lovely look on them! Made a page for the complete gang here.

Not driving for anyone in particular. These guys can work in any gang.

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