Terrain, Tools and Tutorials

Hobbying on a budget is a huge joy for me. Recycling scrap, using junk and scratch building is very rewarding. A collection of my terrain pieces and some tutorials on doing them.

I have lots of terrain for Frostgrave. Multible tutorials on trees, stone work, walls, ruins and other things fitting the theme. All those articles collected here.

A tutorial for polystyrene cliff, made from scrap and very cheap. For a number of games. Seen here.

Trees - for Frostgrave
A tutorial on a cheap, fast way to turn china trees into good looking terrain.

Wooden palettes
Great scatter pieces in their own right, but perfect for adding mass to your smaller terrain pieces as well. Cheap, easy to make. Tutorial found here. 
Shipping container
A really cheap, home made shipping container for your modern, sci-fi and post-apoc games. Made from sprue and insulation foam - costs nothing but a bit of time. Full tutorial and painted pictures here.

Texture sci-fi bases
A quick tutorial of how I make my textured bases for all my sci-fi miniatures. Made with miliput, play-doh and a rolling pin from Greenstuff World. Check it out here. 

Industrial Complex
Modular Tin Can Silos
Modular silo system made from magnets and tin cans. An easy, but good looking project.

Industrial Crane
Made from only 5 battlezone tiles and a lot of scrap materials. A very cheap terrain piece great for sci-fi, post apocalyptic or near future gaming. Full tutorial and photos of finished crane here.

Fuel Depot
A fuel depot made with battlezone tiles, ikea ball pit balls, sprue and toys. Link.

Landing Pad and Elevator Tower
Landing Pad and elevator made from sprue, insulation foam, miliput, wire and a few battlezone tiles. Link

Danger / Waning Signs
A sheet of  15mm - 28mm scale signs. Did a google search for words like 'danger', 'warning', 'yellow black stripes' etc. Resized and compiled them into a document, ready to print on adhessive stickers.
Download it here.
See examples here.

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