11 September 2017

Death Guard: Floetid Bloat Drones and Noxious Blightbringer

Floetid Bloat Drones
These Floetid Bloat Drones not converted. But I've tried to make them apart by using different colours tones for the skin, and different yellows for cannisters and boils. I've also done all metal by wetblending all manners of metal paints.

It does a nice job of making the two drones look different from the other.


Noxious Blightbringer
This model is not converted. The only thing I've done to it, is removing three of the Plague Censors from his back. I think the model was too cluttered from the start. I'm gonna re-use the plague censors as flails for an infantry squad.

Hard to capture in the photos, but the cloth has a checkered pattern along the rim. Has a nice Nurgle Symbol on the front as well.

Nurgle Army
See the entre Death Guard Nurgle army in here.

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