16 March 2017

A single blog

A combined blog in one place

For years I've been blogging on different forum about miniatures. A lot of the blogging have been copy paste work for Chaos Dwarfs Online, Powerfist.dk, Lead Adventure, Beasts of War etc.

I've been thinking, for some time, to make a single blog. To get more exposure, to link to one place. It'll be easier to search for old projects on something that looks like a website.

I'm no tech guru, so this free blogspot seems to do the trick neatly. 

The plan is to make sites, for the different game systems I play (collect more than playing actually) and a hobby sections for terrain etc.

This page will contain:

  • Fantasy
    • Frostgrave, Dungeon Saga, Heroquest
  • Sci-Fi
    • Deadzone, Scrappers, Star Saga
  • Post Apocalypse
    • Devil's Run, Auto Kill, The Walking Dead
  • Terrain

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