16 March 2017

Pledge, Paint or Pay!

Years ago my friends and I started a facebook group called "malerhjerner og drukkenbolde" - translates to ''painter brains and drunks". Malerhjerne being 'chronic solvent induced encephalopathy'.

Every month we would pledge how many miniatures we would paint and if we failed our pledge, we owed a case of beer to a pool. That way, when we got together, there would always be somebody bringing the beer. Unfortunately the group didn't really stay alive and so I've started a new group on facebook - and it's for everybody.

Pledge, Paint or Pay!

"The point of the group is simple, every month:
- We pledge which miniatures or projects we'll paint.
- We announce the 'fee' we'll pay if failing.
- We share pictures of our succes (and cool miniatures) or the payment for failing.

Every month a new thread is pinned at the top of the facebook page. This thread is for posting your pledge as a comment and your fee - should you fail. 

We all have piles of grey plastic, half painted lead and other eternity projects. This group is for motivation, for helping getting more stuff done faster.

Any miniatures and game systems are good. We all paint to our own skill level."

The entire point is to get more stuff painted, help encourage other hobbyist in there work and make some personal challenges. The 'fee' is anything the pledger want to do. And we've had some pretty cool ones made. Here's a few examples:
  • I'll do all the dishes for a week
  • I'll donate 10£ to a charity
  • I'll bake cake for my gaming group
  • I'll paint a miniature for a succesfull pledger
  • I can't buy new miniatures before I succed a pledge
 Why don't you come join the group?

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