3 May 2017

Printable: Warning and Danger Signs

A great and easy way to add some quick details to your builds is with some signs. I've made a sheet of signs, stripes and the like. It's all photos from Google, that I've resized, copy/paste, mixed and match with Paint-Fu.

The PDF is A4 sized with a lot of sign ready to use in 28mm and 20mm scale gaming. It's a really easy way to add detail to your modern, post-apoc and sci fi builds - especially the larger ones.

I've printed the page on a sheet of adhesive sticker paper, stuck the entire thing on a sheet of 0,5 mm plastic card. That's a lot danger and warning signs for your terrain projects.

The file can be downloaded through this link: Warning Danger Signs.pdf

The sheet
Click the image to see it in a larger quality.

Stuck to 0,5mm plastic card and then it's easy to cut out the signs you want to use.



  1. Hey man, this file is gone. Just wanted to let you know. Love the look of stuff.

    1. Cheers. Not sure I have them anymore. Will have a look.