3 May 2017

Warpath Universe: Ogre Mercenary

I really like this Ogre mercenary model for Deadzone, there's something about him that reminds me of the Super Mutants from Fallout. I painted him up in the same colours as my Marauders, but without any GCPS insignia.

Unlike many of the other models this is Mantic distinct in its feel. So this one could fit into Necromunda as well without feeling like the wrong brand - if that's something you're into.

I haven't really been using mercenaries in games of Deadzone. But for Star Saga there'll be character cards for all the Deadzone Mercenaries, so they'll properly see some action there. He's also gonna serve some gangs in Scrappers.

The model is on a homemade base. See how to make them here.

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