4 June 2017

Terrain: Toxic Waste Depot

I was at Ikea with my wife and when passing the ball pit, I imidiately thought 'they'll fit right into battlezone 3'' system'. So I asked and was allowed to take some home. Thought they would make a cool fuel / ooze / toxic sludge depot.

I used my printed danger / warning signs to add some easy detail to the build.

The build
I mixed both the 'industrial' and 'ruined' set for this one. To make the ruin complete, I had to cut up a tile. That plastic is hard and thick, it broke my small hobby clippers. 

There was a lot (!) of these currogated plates with the Deadzone: Infestation kickstarter. Chopped them up to fit the ruined pieces beneath it. This was tricky to cut, because the tiles would break along the currogated lines.

Finished terrain piece
The Ikea balls fit perfectly into the 3'' cube system. Added some 25mm bases with a few homemade rivets to them. The scaffolding is as always made with plastic sprue (see examples here). The corners of the scaffolding is the ugliest part, so I always cover those up with palstic card.  

The ooze is a basecoat of green and Nurgles Rot added after the piece has been varnished. 

The long pibe from the fuel spheres to the building is an old toy. Some dinosaur cage, easily cut into a lot of seperat pipes. Excellent detail that I'll add to a lot of industrial builds.

The pictures are too light to capture it right, but the entire edge of the ruined section is really black / charcoal.

When finished I gave the entire model three layers of cheap hair spray. It works well as a matt varnish for terrain pieces, cost nothing and protect the paintjob. Wouldn't use it on finer detailed models though.

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