30 June 2017

The Walking Dead - Survivors and Walkers

King Ezekiel and Shiva
Released as 'retail exclusives' in wave 1. Being a fan of the comics I love these two, Ezekiel has one of the best character developments in the story. Shiva was a hard model to paint, no sculpted fur - all flat surface. I think the end result is pretty nice.

I base coated the model brown, paint the belly white and back orange. Gave it a couple of layers and then painted it with watered down orange and white - for a better transition.

Lee Everett and Clementine
The 'show exclusives' for 2017. I'm not really a fan of the exclusive tag on anything, it tends to only drive prices up on bad guy ebay auctions. The Telltale Games are brilliant, so I had to have these pair. Great models. For some reason the anti-shine wouldn't take the shine of the varnish. Have to get a paint on matt varnish and try a layer of that.

Walkers from Negan and Ezekiel boosters
The walkers from the boosters. Nice shamblers.

Christian over at Pimp My Boardgame have made a nice Lurker Card. A type of walker, that starts the game inactive and might wake up if a survivor gets too close. I decided to use a couple of dublicate models to make myself some.

I simply hot water bend the models and stuck them to a base. Unfortunately they have over time straightende out a bit. But they still look good. Painted them as the standing counter parts - even tried to copy the blood spatter.

I'll be using the Lee and Clemtine walkers as a lurker as well.

Backpack / loot token walkers
The Walking Dead Fanatics Facebook Group is a really good community.  Lots of friendly people and inspiration. The inspiration for these walkers come from that group. Made with some resin bergen rucksacks from Anvil Industries and greenstuff straps.

In game these will work as regular walkers, but when getting killed they'll then drop a loot token on the ground.

The Herd!
The ever growing Herd. At this time it's up to 43 walkers and I still have Farm, Prison and Woodbury expansions to do. Very nice, haven't even been near to putting them all on the table.

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