27 November 2017

40k: Mortarion - Demon Primarch of the Death Guard

A gigantic model and a lovely plastic kit. This model really shows how experienced and talented the sculptors at Games Workshop are. The bits fit together perfectly and the design is made so almost every moldline is hidden.

The only think I really dislike about the model is the original scythe. The bone details were too far out, didn't look good. Too cartoonish. So I've cut the detail off, cleaned with greenstuff. Drilled a symbol of Nurgle in the scythe, like I have on my Deathshroud. 

I've also kept all the nurglings off the base. I don't really like the comicbook look on the nurglings.

I decided early on to speed paint the model just like all my models. I basecoated the model in three different colours: green, brown and rotten flesh. Picked out the details in one layer of paint. Then gave the entire model a quickshade varnish from Army Painter. The only place I did extra work was on the wings, where I added some extra washes (for more nuances on the large wing areas). 

The plama gun 'The Lantern' I've painted with blue colours like all the plasma in the army. It makes the weapons stand out for easy identification on the battlefield.

Like all my bases I've added warped and rusted metal scrap. The slime bubbles are made from half pearls.

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