2 November 2017

Devil's Run: War Rig!

The War Rig is a bloody huge resin monster of a model. An absolutely brutal kit for Devil's Run. ... It doesn't really see much action - but that'll properly change in some upcoming campaign gaming.

Part of the standard equipment on a War Rig is a Whalers Harpoon. So I've build one from a Warhammer spear, hobby chain and a lollipop stick. I've also added some extra armor to some cab windows and a sniper rifle (also part of the War Rig gear). 

The big weapons on the tanker are not must haves on the War Rig, so I've magnetized the weapons. Makes it a lot easier to transport the model and the can be taken off if not used in games.

The tanker itself is a bit undetailed, so I've added some extra chains and armor plating. Mostly it has helped catching washes and weathering.

The VW bus back is such a great little detail. The smiley face is a reference to The Comedian in The Watchment. I try to sneak at least one blood spattered smiley into each gaming system I do - it's become a thing.