15 June 2018

Frostgrave: Thaw of the Lich Lord - The Cauldron

Finished playing Thaw of the Lich Lord scenario 8 - The Cauldron. We didn't have a cauldron model, so we used a well instead. This was a very intense battle, as there was a lot at stake in the fight. My Witch is already good at raising zombies and has the Amulet of the Ghoul King.

If I was to get a hold of the magic cauldron as well, the spell would become even more powerful. My opponent, a summoner was not interested in that result.

Before starting the battle we made some extra rules with the cauldron.

From the end of turn 6, we roll a 50:50 dice to see if the game ends (we always do).
The player with most soldiers in contact with the cauldron would claim it.
Models in combat wouldn't count towards this.

We're in for a cluster of mayhem in the middle of the field. Besides playing for the cauldron we also use Ulterior Motives. In the end my opponent managed to stop me from getting the cauldron.

Scenario 7 is here and terrain hub is here.

We set up on a 3'x4' table, with a squared walled space in the middle - as per scenario instructions.

The five Death Cultists guarding the cauldron from the start of the game.

Quickly the cultist went searching in the ruins for something to kill.

My witch used the first couple of rounds making as many enchanted weapons as possible. Hoping the extra Fight would make quick work of the cultists and coming zombies.

The demon summoner, a treasure hunter, imp and templar entering the battlefield.

Another treasure hunter skulking around for treasure.

A shot taking through my home made wedding cake pillars, with a Laser Model Store building in the back.

My Demon Hunter spend a good part of this fight in cover, taking sniper shots with his crossbow. He didn't do much damage though.

My elven ranger and crossbowman har climbed a house. The got a good elevated position, but still the terrain blocked many of their shots.

An infantryman picking up a treasure. Right after this he was 'leaped' out, then handed the treasure off to a summoned zombie - that could then walk out with the treasure. Such a neat little trick.

My witch have had the summoned bear for countless battles. This game should be the first where he would fall, chopping down by worthless cultists. Despite being absolutely terrible soldiers, the turned out to be hard to kill.

A men-at-arms and a treasure hunter working for the summoner.

It wasn't part of my opponents plan to let his archer get tied up by a cultist. The five models really did play a great part in this game.

My knight, carrying a Vampire Sword tried to make it to the cauldron and tip it over. But he couldn't slay the zombies fast enough, and more kept climbing out to eat him.

My apprentice after he has cast leap on the infantryman. The little sprite is a counter for the 'familiar' spell.

Knight and infantryman.

The summoners apprentice with an allied minor demon.

An enemy man-at-arms making it to the centre of the board. The battle for the cauldron is about to begin.

A dwarven crossbowman, taking up a sniper position at the top of a ruined inn. Neatly guarding a treasure while shooting at my soldiers.

My crossbowman opposite the dwarf. Both shooting towards the centre of the board.

My dwarf treasure hunter got stuck between two enemies, while a wandering frost spider is closing in. I managed to leap him out, just in time - he was in bad shape.

Towards the end of the fight, my witch was badly wounded. He used a lot of health empowering spells, to have them succeed.

My opponents ulterior motive was to smash open an old sarcophagus. A wraith the rose, angry and ready to take revenge. The battle ended before the wraith made it into combat however.

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