31 May 2018

TWD: Days Gone Bye Ch. 3

Finally had some time to play through the third solo scenario of Days Gone Bye for The Walking Dead. In this scenario almost the entire Atlanta group is present. Three groups of survivors on the board. From my play through of Chapter 2, I had a few extra points to spend.

I decided, to not make the game too easy on myself. Thus I picked some different equipment and not just ammo, assault rifles and silencers.

Using all event cards (from all expansions and roamer booster), makes the game a bit harder as well. And I roll for random entry by all walkers entering the board. Using a d24 and a d4 to determine where.

I put everything I had in form of trees on the board. So it became a good looking forest. My tents are from Renadra and the RV is from TTCombat. I play on a 24" mat compared to the 20" suggested, so I threw in an extra walker for good measure.

The view from Carol, Donna and Lori from setup.

Rick and Shane planning their way through the forest.

Top down view of the map and initial setup. I just placed the walkers randomly on the board.

I made a short video flying over the setup with the mobile phone. It's a neat little way to see the terrain.

The plan
The goal of the scenario is for the three female survivors to make it into base contact with the RV. I expanded on the idea a bit, by needing them all to enter the RV through the door. I also made a rule that all the male survivors would have to be within 3" of the RV to win the scenario.

My plan was to run Rick and Shane towards the ladies. And have Allan and Jim do the same. Jim was equipped with defensive gear, so while not able to kill walkers - he could defend really well and draw them in.

Keeping the walkers at bay and make a secure tunnel for the female survivors to get to the RV. Using only 1 action pr round, I would try to keep the threat low through the game. This turned out to be really easy in this map, as Rick (this version of him) could lower the threat a blue die as well.

The start
In the first turn Allen and Jim all went straight for the supplies in the camp, in hopes of finding something good. It unfortunately wasn't anything useful in the tents. Rick and Shane spend the first turn sneaking and lowering the threat (which started at 4). Dale armed with a crossbow managed to kill a walker close by the female group, but despite being reliable, the crossbow was out of ammo.

In order to save some threat. Almost all the guys made a run towards the female survivors, drawing in some of the walkers and getting close to others (in case of bad events). Threat going up by fights, might as well make as many as possible.

Dale tried finding ammo in the RV and other tents, but didn't find any.

Allen fought the walkers, but despite having some melee weapons had a hard time putting the walkers down, scoring no !.

Jim tooled with some good defensive gear, had no problem pushing the walkers back.

Rick and Shane were both armed with some melee weapons and had no trouble killing the walkers they attacked in turn 2.

Middle game
Through the entire length of this chapter I was really lucky with the event cards that I flipped. The generally wasn't raising the threat and didn't bring walkers onto the board. So it was mostly about dealing with the walkers starting on the board.

Allen kept having trouble with the walkers and while fighting two he was bitten (!). That changed the game some, as Rick and Shane rushed to his aid. Shane taking on the walkers and Rick amputating Allens leg with his hatchet.

The tactic with creating a safe tunnel for the female goup worked. This is just aboud the point where Rick cut of Allens leg. Dale was completely out of the action, using his time looting the three supply tokens left in the camp, hoping to find some crossbow bolts.

The finale
The rest of the game was a retreat to safety. Battling walkers, trying to push the into the forest areas to hope the got bogged down and trapped. This worked well with some walkers getting stuck and thus being out of the fight.

Towards the end, as all the survivors were nearing the RV, the threat finally started to climb. The females failing their 'keep calm' rolls and Rick was using all his actions in melee fights. The resultet in a few more walkers entering the board, lucky for me from the safe side. And a lot of walkers starting to migrate towards the RV.

This photo is taken from where the door of the RV is, just as Carol (the last missing survivor) is about to get into safety. Allen is being protected and is staying out of any fight as he is badly wounded.

Aftermath thoughts
This was a great scenario to play and an interesting one - despite it feeling rather safe. I would have liked a few more bad events, to put some more stress on the entire situation. Allen lost a leg and was badly wounded - this is a great result. And in future games I'll have to use point on a prosthetic leg for him.

Next up Glenn and Rick is entering Atlanta. I'll need to get a few more buildings done before doing that scenario, as I want a real close city experience for that.

In the mean time check out the terrain I've already done for it here.

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