24 February 2020

Ghost Archipelago: Tribals

I really like the tribal models for Ghost Archipelago, one of the top kits brought out by Northstar. I've gone for different colors on the various cultures on my version of the Ghost Archipelago. Purple on the Dricheans, blue on the snake-men and for the tribals red, blask and bone.

I've sold half the box, meaning the 11 miniatures I had left were at a really nice low price. I often do this with pre-orders. Make an even better deal for myself. The first 5 models I've done, is build to fit the core book bestiary entries. Four close combat fighters and a hunter with bow.

There's not really enough shields on the sprue, so I've added some extra shields from Warlord Games zulus - a super cheap way to get some extra tribals models.

At some point I'm gonna use the rest of the models, to make a full warband. Gonna build both a war chief and spell caster.