18 November 2019

Ghost Archipelago: Drichean Skeletons

Another part of the core book bestiary for Ghost Archipelago. This is a two for one entry counting as both skeletons and dricheans in the game.

I got these old Games Workshop khemri skeletons in a giant auction box I got, resold most of the stuff. So I ended up with some cool free bits and nice free models.

I'm going for different colors for different cultures, so I've gone for red, black, bone on my tribals. And these (and possible later some alive ones) are in different tones of brass and purple.

I mixed some regular skeleton (plain) bits with the khemri bits to get some more. using some khemri torsos on vanilla bone legs and vice versa.

I have to scavange some khemri bits for conversions, so alive dricheans can have the same shields, weapons and head gear.