3 May 2021

Frostgrave: Thaurmaturge warband and bear

Wizard and Apprentice

I've been having these models in a bag for years, knowing I would use them for a wizard at some point - and FG 2nd edition got them made. Got these two old metal miniatures in a big trade. Bought a huge box of models and bits, sorted and resold - ending up with lots of cool free stuff. 

The wizard really looks like an arrogant better than you type of mage, funny for the holy priest look. But that's what I'm going for, an over zealous demon and witch hunter warband. 

For colors I've gone with white, gold and a tiny bit of gold. This guy will also be a wizard in my human Oathmark army. 

The apprentice is actually part of an old metal cannon crew. I've done a minimum amount of conversion on him, adding some pouches, parchment and daggers. 

Templar, archer and thug

Templar: This is a Mantic Games dictator from KoW: Vanguard. It's a game I never really got around to actually playing. But the models is so Heroes of Might and Magic III cool, had to include in this themed warband. Also with a bunch of white, huge amount of metal and some gold details - this is the martial leader of the warband. 

The archer is from KoW: Vanguard as well, a female ranger typer. I like the crouching pose on her.

The thug is made from the Oathmark human kit, added a frostgrave backpack and gave him a club - fitting for the clerical theme af the warband.

Infantrymen and bear

The male infantryman is a conversion. He's made from an Oathmark human body, added some dwarf heavy infantry arms and mace. The head is a cool brettonia men-at-arms bit, love that helmet. I really like this model. 

The female is nearly straight from the Soldiers II kit for Frostgrave, with some conversion done to the mace. I'm not super excited about this build actually, I think the model is a bit too skinny. Would like more bulk for a soldier like an infantrywoman. 

The bear is from Ramshackle Games, actually a scifi / postapoc model with a power armored rider and exhaust ports on the bears armor. I chop / sawed away all the scifi bits, so it just looks like regular armor. This bear is huge and reminds me of His Dark Materials / Golden Compass armor bears. I need to paint up a second one, just like it. The warband can summon two of these beasts at the same time. 

For my thieves I've used models straight from the box. Both these guys are part of the Dunkeldorf Miniatures line. The mutant thief is part of the warband for unknown reasons. For some secret reason, the demon and witch hunting thaurmaturge hasn't slain this one. Some kind of debt is in place to keep him in the warband. 

The other guy, Linus, with the small candle and keys is a thief as well. An expert lock pick and sneaky type. Not a zealot in any way, his simple hired on for his talents. I've made sure to add a simple dagger bit to this guy, as he was unarmed. 

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  1. Great brushwork and conversions as usual. Speaking of witch/demon hunters, check out the Saga Age of Magic Order Militant. I bought a bunch of them and I'm pretty happy with them. Going to use them for Pike and Shotte and Zombies when I get them painted.

    1. Wow. Those are some really cool models. Will keep my eyes out for them. Would work well for some fantasy thief gang stuff I'm thinking about.

  2. Nice mix, but still uniform, I like it!

  3. I'm sure you will do something awesome with them if you get them. Cheers my friend!!