25 May 2021

Cyberpunk Psychic and Christmas Sniper

 For Hardwired you only need 4 agents on a team. I've decided that if some of my agents die, I have to paint up a new one. This psyker model is from Endure the Stars (that I scored for cheap and flipped to make it free). It's a pretty cool model, decided to go for bright cyberpunk colors. 

The base is a first for me, it's made with a greenstuff world rolling pin on 1mm xps foam, glue to 1 mm renedra base. 

Over on the Discord server there's a lot of cool people. For Christmas we had a miniature secret santa. Members made a wish list for settings, then got a random member to make a wish come true. I made the below miniature for a guy wanting something scifi. 

It's a kit bash. The body is a Gate of Antares concord model, the head is a resin bit from Anvil Industry. The augmetic arm and gun is from a GW necron. Added a drone from a GW mechanicus head with some twisted wires. The pointing finger is from Mantic GCPS. 

I really like the look on this guy, kindda envious and might build him again. 

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