6 August 2021

Dice bag from Cupias Craft and a bunch of tokens

I've bought myself a cool dicebag from Cupias Craft. Cupias Craft is by Anna Olivia and she makes awesome dice bags. They'll be made in whatever colors and fabric the customer wants. I went for some mat fabric. It's green on the outside and red on the inside, made in the same colors as my Rangers for RoSD. 

The build in dice tray is matt black, to remove any shine when being used in streaming og youtube videos. 

The coolest thing about the bag is the eight small pockets inside. I've got my Nightwatch diceset, Guilders set and the Frostgrave d20 in it. The remaining rooms have my Guilders tokens and Frostgrave tokens. 

I'm very happy with this dicebag, it's a treat to myself. And buying an item crafted by someone is cool. 

I did a video when I got the bag, check it out here. 

Direct link: https://youtu.be/J5DasNkhO_c

Everybody should know about Game-Icons. This is an interactive page with thausands of different icons. Easy to search for different themes. Each symbol can be changed around, colors, backgrounds, text etc. It's great! So as I've been going through Frostgrave and Rangers of Shadow Deep, I've always made tokens for my spells and effects. 

Guilders a Life in Shadows
Is my own game. It's a skirmish campaign game about thief guilds. As I've been coming up with skills and scenarios, I've made all the tokens needed on the go. So anyone wanting to try out Guilders can print and get going straight away. 

If you have any interest in miniature skirmish gaming or tabletop RPGs, you should check out Guilders. Any feedback is much appreciated. 

For all Guilders material go to the Google Drive folder

Frostgrave and Rangers tokens
Just a few examples of the tokens made for the d20 games, 

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