10 August 2021

Guilders v. 1.33 beta and town watch

Slowly getting back into painting som miniatures. For the last couple of weeks, I've painted around 30 minutes per day. Sometimes I get up a bit early to get some painting down. The main goal is to get the needed guards and minimum civilians all done for Guilders - A Life in Shadows

Just finished the first 9 town watch (I have 3 more base coated). Gonna make some terrain for at better backdrop and photos of them. They also need some basing. There'll be a longer post later on kitbashing and painting the town watch. But here's the first photos: 

Guilder 1.33

I hadn't planned on releasing another version of Guilders before the 1.4 with the first campaign system in it. But I've had a lot of playtest games and excellent feedback. I'm order to not get buggede down by cosntant fixes, I've cracked on with the campaign writing. It's going good. 

So I went back and wrote in the core rule changes while still relatively fresh in mind. 

Som key things is: 

Point of interest for the AI, which makes the Guards behave better in games. 

Skill rework. Lots of skills have been reworked, the different skill levels are much more interesting. Pickpocket and lockpick are better balanced for campaign. 

The thief game have been enhanced a lot. Violence will have more negative effects on the crew, there's higher risk for alarm. Going Hidden, pickpocket and lockpicking your way through the Heist is a much better option. 

Shooting is a lot less deadly, it's easier to hide from shooters. 

Items: Many items have been tweaked and a lot more items have been added to the game. 

So! Lots of changes (all marked in blue) in the 1.33. Please check it out, read through it and give feedback. Or get a few games in. The core game works pretty well.

You can find all Guilders stuff in the Google Drive folder

The current rules, tokens: https://bit.ly/3jG2brn

Hashtags: #Guilders #ALifeInShadows 

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