16 September 2021

Guilders playtest - A Regulars Days Work

 Had a nice little playtest yesterday of Guilders. Played against Torben from Miniatorium, first time he played Guilders. The focus was on introducing the game, so I didn't spend time on a lot of photo taking. But I will add a few words to the game. 

Found a few places needing clean-up in wording and a single needed add for the AI guards. 

The Heist was A Regular Day's Work - the standard scenario. Lots of loot on the board, some of which requires steal actions. 

I had an acrobat climb a centre building to get some high value loot, had a cutthroat flanking me, ready to kill when the acrobat hit ground again. My guild master threw a perfect bola tying the cutthroat down and leaving him for the city guards. 

The dog ended up killing a guard dog, dodging multible guard attacks and then attack - leaving my guild master sorrunded by a ton of guards. 

My acrobat still ending up getting a club to the head by an enemy enforcer - losing her high value loot. And that changed the game. Very close - that one Loot token, stolen at the end tipped the scenario and declared the winner. Very nice, very close. 

I had a lot of guilder just running out without any loot, to get XP from safe escape. My opponent smashed every door and window around, getting loot and calling in a lot of guards. 

We rolled the complication The Flu - so when in base contact with civillians our guilders might get sick. Both my streeet urching got a light disease for the next three games. So instead of that (they would have 0 strength), they'll miss the next game being bedridden. I don't think I'll be spending money on curing them. 

A nice game. Zero injuries, a decent amount of loot (that I'll roll up later) and good XP all around. 

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