31 October 2021

Guilders - The Eastwall Cornerclub Clubbers

Time to get something done on this blog again. Finally got around to finishing up a building, so that I have a decent background for the painted miniatures. 

First up is the guild I'm currently using for playtesting Guilders - A Life In Shadows. It's the Eastwall Cornerclub Clubbers. I initially armed them all with clubs, so they could simply bash down civilians and take their stuff. 

So far they are around 4 games into a campaign. 

A guild can always field 10 miniatures in a Heist, but can have an unlimited large roster to pick from. Not shown on this image is another street urchin that joined me while two others were down sick with the flu. 

Here's my Guildmaster Mr. Fairweather surronded by his Enforcer and their Shadow Priest. 

Martha is the guild Enforcer, the best fighter a guild can field. My enforcer has been tooled up for bloody close combat situations, she's armed and armored for it. The miniature is from Dunkeldorf Miniatures, I've converted her a bit. Added a shield/punch dagger from an old pit fighter miniature and two dagger/sword bits from the box. 

Mr. Fairweather has been build as a jack of all trades character. He has Alchemy and Doctor, two skills two use after the games. He also has the scout skill, so he can move a bit extra into the board when the game starts. Getting closer to important loot. 

The miniature is from Dunkeldorf Miniatures, I've painted him before as a coach for my Bloodbowl humans. I've converted my guildmaster a bit, adding a belt made from paper, som pouches and weapons. The hat is from an old empire GW bit. 

Dusk Autumn is the guilds Shadow Priest. I've used an old Grima Wormtongue model i had lying around. The shadow priest has some neat little tricks he can do on the battlefield, including silencing otherwise loud civilians. 

Two-Toes the Scum and two street urchin Beetle and Bug. These are cheap guilders and can be added for free if the guild is low on members. Two-toes has a crowbar and the packmule skill, he's just bashing doors down and carrying off cheap loot. 

The street urchin have a very low upkeep and a great at evading the guards, grapping a bit of loot and then getting out safely. Can't do much else good though. 

I don't recall where the small kid models are from, the scum is a 3d printed miniature gifted from a friend. 

Thieves! The working heroes of any succesful guild. This guys are the way to gain Pick Pockets and Lockpicks when starting out. I've had three from the start and used their first level to make sure the had options to both pick pockets and locks. 

Beth is an unconverted miniature from Fantasy Series one by Blacksite Miniatures. I do like these miniatures and a lot of them are ending up in Guilders. 

Cian is another thief. This lovely oldschool resin miniature reminds me of the elf from Hero Quest. It's sculpted by Andres Steeldragon, a valued member on the Discord Community. He's had several miniature cast up and now sold by Ramshackle Games. 

Last of my thiefs are Gottlieb, the is another Blacklist Miniatures model. Gottlieb is also a member on the Discord and have 3d printed me a lot of nice miniatures.

This is Lillie Lasander an acrobat and excellent wall climber. Acrobats are great chracters for getting quickly up on the roof tops. She's gotten the lockpick skill to do so stealing from roof windows and balconies. The miniature is damn cool, so I got the character a hand crossbow just for that. Another unconverted Fantasy Series 1 miniature.

To round out the guild is a sharpshooter. Durkar is good with a bow and can start the game already hiding in the shadows. This can really setup a nasty overwatch position for the guild, as Durkar has the sniper skill, she can be really deadly when shooting from the hidden status. 

Durka is also Fantasy Series 1, a thief. I've added an ungor bow and arrow from GW beastmen. The hands are a bit on the large side, but that only shows in close up photos. It's not really noticed in real life. 

Last words

Find more info about the game in these places. 

The current rules, tokens: Google Drive

Facebook group: 
For anything about the game.

Discord: The Bloodbeard's Garage Discord, lots of room for Guilders. 

Hashtags: #Guilders #ALifeInShadows 

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