6 November 2021

Guilders - Town Watch

Time to share some of the kings men. This is the Town Watch the first type of soldiers the guilders will face in any Heist, these are the troops starting on the board at setup. There's two two tiers of soldiers above these.

The Guards in Guilders are controlled by an 'AI' written in the rules. They react to Guilders and the Alarm they cause. There's a flow chart to go through for each guard to see how they react. We've been spending a lot of time in playtesting with this. 

Figuring out if it worked and if specific scenarios broke the AI. Currently the guard rules have not seen any tweaking for the last couple of games - so they work pretty well now. No situations have come up, where it wasn't clear what they should do. 

The full rules for guard behavior is on p.13 of the rules - or check out this QRS for guard activation. 

Town Watch

Little more than poorly armed commoners. The town watch is only paid a few coin, their real pay is the benefits: Meals when on watch, a decent coat and a pair of boots. The Town Watch patrol the street, talk to people, tend the streetlamps at night. Neighbors with clubs really, looking out for their neighborhood.

Many Town Watch have dogs, good companions when walking the streets at night. Someone to talk too and they have a good nose for finding anything hiding the shadows.

The bits: My first town watch models have been build mostly with a mix of Perry Miniatures European Mercenaries and Oathmark Humans. The quaterstaff clubs have been made with either Perry halberds or Oathmark spears. The club heads are from all manner of different kits. The torches are from various frostgrave kits. Some might be from the folk rabble from Fireforge. 

For the heads I've been deliberately going for open helmets and homely faces. I want a clear difference between these and the City Guard. 

Painting: I've gone blue and white for uniforms. I already have a bunch of guys like this for Oathmark and Lorenthia in RoSD. So slowly it'll gain numbers for full Oathmark regiments. 
I've added some large brown areas on torsos and bracers, to clearly mark these guys as lightly armored. 

The dogs are from the stash. Two of these are plastic board game miniatures from Reichbusters by Mythic Games. One is a metal dog from Offensive Miniatures, part of a police set. Got those for Last Days. 


  1. Kit-bashing miniatures for skirmish games, great fun!!