18 November 2021

Terrain: Bridges and Statues

 This is a fairly small blog post. We're planning to start playing some Frosgrave again after New Years, with to fairly new players (they're mostly 40k competetive types). Looking forward to going back into the frozen city. Out last campaign was all planned out, but got halted when covid spiked again. 

I've bought a cool 4'x6' mat from Tiny Wargames for larger games, that will come in handy in 4 players. It also offers some cool different 3'x3' setup options, as there's a cool river on the mat. It's actaully a Stalingrad winter mat of something like that, but perfect for Frostgrave. 

I actually ordered two large bridges from TTCombat, wider and longer than the ones below. But unfortunately they send me the wrong ones. Six of these smaller ones. TTC of cause send the right ones afterwards, and they let me keep the first ones. 

This was a really simple job. Quick assemble, grey spray paint. A bit of snow flock and then the regular 60 cm away light white spray paint. 

There's nothing like a bit of cool scatter terrain for any board. A few statues will do a lot for Frostgrave or any dungeon board you might have going. I was gifted these small statues from a friend. He's gotten some aztec ruin terrain from Rampant (The Dungeons and Lasers guys), but a lot of the stretch goals wasn't for that. 

A quick grey base coat, drybrush and a few metal details. A bit of bling for fantasy gaming.

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