14 January 2022

Fantasy: Butcher Dwarf and market stall

 Here's a nice little piece I put together. It's a butcher from Dunkeldorf and his resin meat rack. Decided to put the Mantic Games terrain crate market stall as well. I really wish there was a pack with only these, but I don't think the Market Place kit is that well packed. So I might end up building more myself, should be easy enough. 

There's also some coming with the Dungeons and Lasers KS I'm waiting on. 

I had suprisingly many different meat bits in the bit box, from various warhammer kits I suppose. Beastmen and ogres mostly, but I'm unsure. Added those and some knives to the market stall, it already had sausages hanging in it. 

I would love to have a full market at some point. Lots of stalls with different themes in them. Different colors on them all as well. Would be perfect for Guilders


  1. That is a nice-looking meat market. Now they might be smaller 28mm scale, but these might work for you. https://www.mirliton.it/historical-25-28mm/diorama-kits

    1. The stuff is absolutely amazing and I've been eyeing it multiple times. In another would I would get it.

      I just like plastic better and these newer kickstarters are much cheaper.

      Miriliton have so much cool stuff that would work for Guilders.