3 January 2022

Guilders - A Life In Shadows 1.43 beta

 The new version of Guilders - A Life In Shadows is now up for download

In the 1.43 version there's several changes as a result of extensive playtesting. 

The rules for jumping has been tweaked - you could jump unrealisticly long before. The new rules are better and still reward high agility and acrobatic stats. 

Most of the changes are in the campaign system though. 

Injuries: These have been tweaked a bit. And you now need to buy medicine on the market to help bedridden guilders. Guilders who suffered a serious injury can't do jobs.

Jail and Bail: Now it needs to be paid at the Bailiff. 

Both these require guilders to do it as a 'job' in the after game play. We found after playtesting that too many guilders could do jobs, leaving a lot of them to take the 'roam the city' job. That would burn through the encounters too fast. 

Now it's much more balanced. If your guilders had a bad heist, they can also choose to go begging for coin. 

Overall the game is finished now. There's 10 very different scenarios included and a long campaign. I still need to add more Roam The City entries (I want 100) and a bunch of Loot II is still missing. 

Then it's on to playtesting a long pure solo campaign. The game should work playing solo. But it will probably need tweaking to be really interesting. 

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