20 April 2022

Guilders: Priests and monks

 In Guilders one of the scenarios is called 'Pious Pickpockets'. The objective for the guilds is to steal relics from a temple. In the scenario there's still civilians for pickpocketing, so I wanted some clergy for that. I had a good friend 3d print me some monks. The bald guy clutching a dagger is from a second set - a royal court. He's an adviser of something, but fitting well for the monks. 

I did a really quick paint job on them. Red base coat, red wash and then a highlight (though it's hard to see on the photos).

I'm continously stunned by this 3d printing technology and how quickly one can get whatever they need. I've had so many different specifics printed for me. 


  1. Dude, the way you got those bases to match that gaming mat is just superb. 3d printing is a marvel.

    1. Cheers. The bases are just XPS foam and various colors. But they fit really well on the mat. It's from UrbanMatz, a love their stuff. It's aweseome.