26 April 2022

Terrain: De-watered Water Mill

Here's a quick little post on a buildings for Guilders and other fantasy stuff. The kit is from a now defunct sellers (who had bad health and decided to scam some people). I've seen the kit from other players since, so the files at least out there somewhere. 

This building was painted quickly by my mate Lau. Then I gave it a few upgrades afterwards to make it fit better with the style of my board. 

The kit is originally a water mill. But we don't have any water stuff made for the board yet, so the wheel has simply been removed. 

The roof got a quick fix for a flat top, allowing miniatures to balance on the top of the roof. 

The railing were originally brown, like the other wooden areas. After trying it on other buildings I decided to add bright green railings instead. Getting more colors onto the house with little details like that. 

All the windows have added coffee stirrer ledges for a bunch of different flower tufts. And there's some grass flock on the roofs for extra color as well. 

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