10 October 2022

Terrain: Carriage and Wagon

 Wagons add a lot of life to a any fantasy board - be it city of farmstead. I want to have lots of wagons and carts parked around my fantasy city when it's all done. 

I also want some colors on as much of my city as possible. So my wagons will all have some colors, besides just brown wood. First up is a nice big Reaper Bones wagon. It's a good chunky terrain, with room for miniatures in the back. 

I've painted it wooden brown, red outside with green wheels. The straw in the back is just yellow static grass added with a tiny bit of super glue. This is a really playable piece, adding height and cover for games. 

The farmer is a straight up Fireforge Miniatures angry peasant. A great kit for making a bunch of civilians for a game like Guilders: A Life In Shadows

The second is a carriage 3d printed by a friend. I found this one on thingeverse - it also has a detailed interior - but I haven't done anything for that. The inside will never really be used in my games anyway. 

There's a heist in Guilders named 'The Carriage', where that's the target. So I wanted on what was a bit more than a peasents wagon. I've painted it in the same colors as I've done my city guard - so it'll fit well with the city's king or nobles. 

For this build, it was the first time for my trying the speed paitn white - which I could not make work in any way. It just turned out grey for me. ... so in the end I ended up drybrushing whie on the roof. Will have to see if there's any tips for making the white speed paint work, I like speed paint for terrain. 

I will need to fix up some pole thing for pulling the cart and paint up a couple of horses for it. That comes later at some point. 

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  1. Replies
    1. Cheers. It's some nice pieces for the board.

  2. Really like the colours on both of these. They make a nice change to bare wood!

    1. Exactly! I'm really trying to do this with a lot if my recent scatter. Also with boxes and the like.