24 March 2023

Space Marine Upcycling

My kid loves Space Marines, and there's no around it - they are cool. We've been searching through old trash boxes and found 30+ broken, badly painted marines. Some back from 2nd edition. We've been removing as much paint as possible. 

Now I'll convert at force with whatever bits I have from other auction job lots.


We need some devastators with big guns. I had a bunch of devastator weapons from some trades and will try and work them on the old 2nd edtition monopose marines. There's som size difference and it'll need a bunch of greenstuff to fit (and connect the wires to backpacks). 

Simple greenstuff connections. Most importantly is that there's a visble elbow armor, that will stand out when painted and washed. 

This guy was pretty maimed on the right side. Made a wire from the backpack to the helmet, will hide up this area good. 

Command Squad and HQ

I want one of each of the command and HQ choices, all the classics. So I've converted up a chaplain (cut a mace, to make it flat like the crozius).  

The command squad options so far is a company commander with a powerfist, cool helmet, banner and plasma pistol. Also made a champion (saw it listed on a real HQ box), a dude with a shield and a power sword. 

The librarian turned out really nice. Game him a power axe (that's pretty 90s classic) and a storm bolter - cause those are cool. Added some scrolls from bit box and added a book to his back, glued on a tooth pick as a 'banner' pole.

For the chaplain I've used a chaos spacemarine skull helmet. I've removed the chaos star and is left with a nice skull helmet. Found an iron halo for his backpack and a ton of purity seals for one side of him (to add some color to a black armor). 

We had 3 broken Terminators in the box. I found some terminator bits with better weapons and a resin power hammer from a anvil industry goodie bag. One have power claw and bolter. Assault Cannon and power fist. Thunder hammer and storm shield. 

I didn't have loose terminator shoulders, so did some cutting on their regular arms, to save the shoulders. Reworked a shoulder pad in green stuff for the right size. 

Instead of building the entire force (as I often do with projects), I base coated these first couple dudes. Will paint them and then move on to the next ones. These are mostly for toys and playing with. There's not really any rules in mind when working. 

I'm really excited about bringing life to some very old miniatures, all gotten as part of other lots or trades. A nice conversion project. And painting old 2nd edition monopose marines (my first ever miniatures) is awesome. 


  1. Good find! I really like repairing old marines. Many of the very old plastics still work fine. I like the conversions - the guy with the power axe is especially cool.

    1. I'm very happy with how this librarian came out. Still have 50isd broken old marines to try and turn into something nice.