17 February 2023

Fantasy - Elementals

 I love elementals and always have. It is a perfect and classic fantasy monsters. Having backed all manner of kickstarters over the years, I also have a lot of different elemental miniatures. So here's a collection of some of them, big ones. All these are from the Blacklist Miniatures Fantasy Series 1 KS. 

Most of the Blacklist elementals are made in transluscent plastic, which makes for some quick paint work on them. A layers of matt varnish first, so a wash will stick to it. 

The fire elemental had some sepia wash and red wash. Then I drybrushed it (very lightly) with black. The based is made with dead grass and then it's painted black closest to the elemental, to give the look of burned grass. The eyes were picked out with yellow. 

The shambling mound / swamp elemental. Base coated green, drybrushed different lighter greens. Then I used some basing materials to add 'living' plants on it. The based is given a lot of life with tufts. I used an old broom to make the reed. 

The little dude fits well with the shambling mound. The living little tree is from Dreadball Extreme from Mantic Games. Base coated brown, drybrushed different browns and had flock added to the back. 

The ice elemental is cast in clear blue resing and is a limited edition thing from Kings of War: Vanguard kickstarter. I backed it mostly for the miniatures, sold off a bunch of it and ended with free miniatures. I matt varnished it and gave it glue wash. Then I added snow flock to his back. 

The small ice golem is from an old Mantic game - some elemental chess that I've forgotten the name of. The miniatures were dirt cheap. He's base coated dark blue and drubrushed light blue to white. 

Both are perfect for Frostgrave.

The water elemental is simple washed with a blue, then it's been drybrushed lightly with white (hard to see in photos from shine) on the back, so it looks a bit like foam on him. 

There's a lot of great earth elementals out there, I don't think this is a very good one. I painted him in different browns and some chunks to loke as stones. Then I added a lot of flock and tufts to him, like he's just been pulled from the ground. That saves the miniature and gives it some much needed detail.

It's pretty tough to paint air. ... The miniature is pretty well done though. I picked out the eyes and then gave the entire thing a sepia wash. It works quite well and it brings out the swirlyness of the sculpt. 

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  1. I like that last earth elemental with the tufts a lot. It's funny how a bad miniature can spark creativity like that... I've got some earth elementals that are just Incredible Hulk Heroclix covered in sand. :)

    The air elemental needs some sparkles! More magic that way. :)

    1. So many earth elementals are the freaking worst! Stone elementals the same. Adding a bit of turfts, grass and flowers make them so much better.

      Will need a good idea for the air elemental. How would you add that?

    2. If you can find the FolkArt "dragonfly glazes", those would work. Or drybrush on some colorshift paint.