9 August 2023

Warhound Titan - 3d printed

 At work (at an elementary school) I've gotten to teach "Design and Crafts" and the school bought a couple of 3d printers. I've thrown a lot of freebie hours into learning how that stuff works and as part of the process I've printed up a Warhound Titan for my kid. He really wanted one for christmas. It was a nice project and good learning experience. 

My kid chose the colors for the titan. It's was base coated black, painted with regular acrylics and a ton of different washes. All the color trimmings were done with markers / felt pens, it worked allright but still needed a gold drybrush. 

There was no instruction to the ~100 parts, some of them pretty small. And I mistankly put the legs on backwards without noticing. Only when getting to the shin guards I remembered 'wooops, they have those weird reverrse legs'. Anyway - works well enought and it still a big stompy robot. 

I'm currently building all manner of 40k themed stuff. really into some inq28 looking types, it's nice kitbashing and will be entered into a community challenge on the Discord - why not come join it? 


  1. That is a big miniature! I wouldn't have noticed the legs unless I was told - either way it looks really good. Nice work!