1 September 2023

Big Stompy Robot

 Over on the Discord Community we run quarterly hobby challanges. The members decide us as theme to run and we all build, paint and enter something. For one of the previous challanges we rolled up random characters and had to make those. Then we used a random flag generator to come up with colors.

I rolled the following: A Mad Villain Arcanist, unarmed in heavy protection.

 Colors / symbol: Mostly White, secondary Yellow, with details in Blue and a crown.

I fairly quickly had an idea in mind for what project I wanted to do. A long time ago I bought a Big Stompy Robot for Mars Attacks by Mantic Games, I decided to to that. I wanted this made, to play with the behemoth rules for This Is Not A Test. 

I found some suitable tehnolog (russian made cheap terrain) in a box and a great mad scientist from Reichbursters by Mythic Games. 

The Bits

The biggest part is an old mantic martian robot. It was boringly put together, so I ripped it apart and made a better pose on legs and arms. The dome on his head is a tehnolog silo, I cut out the front. Had some random 40k building things, that I made into hydrolic hinges. Then also added some antennas and shouldpads made from a scavenged warship model kit.

I also took the heat and shrink ray arms and combined them into a single bigger gun!

Painting and basing
I basecoated the entire miniature with a gun metal color and gave it a lot of washes. Added the white and yellow from my flag on a few armor pieces. 

For the base I really wanted to go for 50s scifi stumpy robot. I made a street base with cork on a cd. Then I added a sidewalk with cardboard. Should have used a second layer of cork, as it would have raised the sidewalk better. 

I found a bit of pieces from the old Mantic Terrain Crate 2 kickstarter and added a smashed up motorcycle, a bike and a fire hydrant. 

Join the Discord

This little project was done as part of a Discord Cumminty Challange. Come join a lovely and supportive hangout community, get a microblog going and join in on future challanges. 

Join here: Discord Server. 

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