30 April 2017

Stricken Chaos Dwarf

This is my first fantasy model in a long time, I've been painting nothing but modern and sci-fi models since sometime last year. But know I've decided to paint up at least one fantasy model every month.

The first one is the Stricken Dwarf from Admiralty Miniatures. The scale mail and curly beard makes him fit nicely with the old Perry Twin big hats. This guy is missing his hat, because he has lost his honor.

This model is part of a four model set all cast in resin. The details are really crisp and it was a joy to paint, really quick. Base coated with a red primer, one layer of base colours and then quick shade varnish.

This is the first dwarf of a new Frostgrave Chaos Dwarf Warband. Scale mail, hand weapon and shield, he's a 80 gold coin men-at-arms.

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