2 August 2017

Blood Bowl: Humans

I last played Blood Bowl years ago. Build most of my teams from various bits and pieces. Sold them off or reused the models when I lost interest. But Blood Bowl is a very nice game, so many people know the rules - so I needed a team for those one off games.

It's also a favourite of mine when doing hobby work - contained projects. That's why I love strike teams, warbands and the like.

I knew I had sufficient bits and bobs to make a human team, so that's what I started with.

When playing Blood Bowl it's essential to know which figures are the different player types. That can be very hard on homemade teams. So I've made some big differences on the team positions, so it'll be easy for my opponents to know which is which. 

I've grouped the player numbers, making it easy to overview when printing the roster before games.

The human models are all done with old and new Games Workshop Empire state troopers and militia. Had to paint strip and chop these - as I got these badly done in a trade. Arms from Empire, Perry Miniature mercenaries, Dark Eldar. All heads from Perry Model mercenaries.

All have numbered metal shoulder pads. Don't know where I got these from - but they go from 1-16.
Right shoulder pad is made from Dwarf face masks, form an old Games Workshop kit. But helps bind the team together.

Woodglue and sand on bases. Painted goblin green, with a few brown spot on half the bases. Superglue and static grass, leaving the brown earth spots. Added white stripes to roughly half the bases. Added blood here and there.

Regular ogre kingdoms model I got from a trade. Only a few conversions done:

- Brass knuckles from lizardmen Saurus clubs and greenstuff.
- Greenstuff feather in the helmet.
- Dwarf buckler kneepad, greenstuff strap.
- Empire eagle added to gut plate.
- Dark Eldar spikes added to bracers.

Telltale: Non needed - he's an ogre.

The glory boys, stars of the show - the upcomming Oberwalds. Tried to make sure these guys have more armor than the other members of the team.

- Gold details on armor
- Armor front and back torso (only ones)
- Flags on the helmet

Don't know if I'll ever need two on a team. But I want the option, if one of them get injured in league play. Chose open helmet for these guys, they need a good field of vision.

- Ball, made from greenstuff.
- Feathers in the helmet.
- No armor on body.

Awesome models, must have four of those on the table! Especially as they have been lowered in price in the new edition.Chose open helmets for better field of vision, they need to see the ball coming.

- Catcher gloves, from Mantic Games ghoul kit.
- No armor.
- Open helmets.

Taking up the last spaces on the team. Made sure these guys only had a breast plate - no armor on the back, To make them apart from the blitzers. One of them didn't have that #14, but had a shirt that could pass as plate armor. Added straps from greenstuff on the back, like the others.

- Closed helmets.

Couldn't find any of the old tokens for the game. So I decided to make my own with Renadra 25mm bases and Empire shield emblems. Used the same eagle as I put on the Ogre gut plate. My starting roster has 3 re-rolls. Made 4 so I also have one for kick-off table events. If I get a Leader Re-Roll, I'll have to make a token for that. 

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