3 August 2017

Slave Goblins - Blood Bowl and Frostgrave

Another set of characterful models from Admiralty Miniatures, part of the War Booty Of Ancient Times set. Nice resin casts, fairly simple models and quickly painted. Nice little details showing their slave status - like the little finger having been cut off.

Bloodweiser Slave
Decided to use this model here as a Bloodweiser Babe for Blood Bowl. I've gone for stone work bases, as I want to make some stone work dugouts - one day.

Packmule - Frostgrave
This little slave will be used as a packmule in my Frostgrave Chaos Dwarf warband. Don't think a warband will ever use the packmule, as he doesn't fight well and can still only carry one treasure. But he'll look nice in the group photos.

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