4 August 2017

The Walking Dead: Miles Behind Us

Part of The Walking Dead kickstarter wave 2. This is what is also retail wave 2 and all the boosters for it (Ezekiel, Negan and Lee/Clementine boosters here).


Glenn and Carlos
It's lovely to finally have Glenn all painted up. I've been putting off playing through the first solo mission, because I didn't want to proxy the model. I've gone for a New York Yankees cap and a baseball jacket. Carlos is part of the Scavenger Crew from the base game, attacking the heroes when they're in Alexandria Safe Zone. Both of these are very nice miniatures, good poses and details. 
Chris and Julie
Lovers and only in the comics for a fairly short time. But it'll make for some interesting scenarios when I've painted up Tyreese. Running some games with their travels as a group, before joining the Survivors at the Prison.
Patricia and Otis
Friends of the Greene family. These were some decent sculpts to paint up. 
The Greene Family
Hershell and family ready to defend their farm. Still need to paint the twins, when they are released at some point as a retail exclusive booster.
Decided I need more than the two prisoner walkers from the next expansion. Two of the walkers in this box had clothes that would work well as prison jumpsuits. Added a bit of chain and some larger metal rings to make the tranformation complete.

 The beach bum walker I saw painted with an insanely well done Hawaii Shirt paint job. Tried to do something along those lines, but not nearly as good (far from). The little walker girl reminded me of Sophia. So I painted her in the same colours as Survivor Sophia. In the comics she's alove (as far as I've read), but it's nice for some TV series style scenarios.

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