29 October 2017

The Walking Dead: Made to Suffer

The last kickstarter expansion Made to Suffer (Woodbury) and the Safety Behind Bars (Prison) retail only boosters.

I've really been looking forward to painting up the Woodbury guys, getting another large faction for thematic play. The Woodbury models are nicely sculpted (as are the prison retails), for that later part of the story arc.

Large survivor groups doing something that resembles actual war.

Dr. Stevens, Nurse Alice and Army Medic Bob
All medic models, with abilities to better use healing equipment. Went for an army duffel bag look with Bob. Bob and Alice are nice also able to allign with the Atlanta group.

Maggie Greene
Maggie is one of my favourite characters from The Walking Dead. Here's the short haired Prison Retail version next to the Greene Farm expansion version.
Rick - after meeting The Governor
This was my fourth time painting Rick Grimes. One handed version, he'll properly not see as much action as the other Rick models. But it's a nice sculpt to have for scenarios and campaign play.

Tyreese, Chris and Julie
Tyreese is another favourite, a real shame he's in the story for such a short time.

Two very different looking versions of Glenn. I've been running Gleen in full riot gear and Maggie as a nice combo in games. Being all geared up, it's impossible for single walkers to even hurt a character.

Brian Blake - The Governor
The mutilated version of The Governor is not really wearing Riot gear (it lacks a lot of detail). But I've painted it in the same style as the above characters and my Prison Guard Walkers.

Bruce, Martinez and Gloria
Troopers in the Woodbury army. Very nice sculpts, espcially Martinez is looking super cool.

Gabe, Wes and Curtis
Troopers and goons in the Woodbury army.

Woodbury - the entire gang
Here's the entire Woodbury faction. More models than will ever be fielded in a single game.

The walkers from this expansion and series of retail releases.

Really pleased with the bandana on this biker walker.

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